Yes, Winthrop is Among the Best: Boston Magazine Article Was Right on the Money

The mention by Boston Magazine of Winthrop as a “Top 10 Place to Live” in the Boston area is well deserved, as all of us who call Winthrop our home can attest.

Whenever we cross into Winthrop, whether over the Belle Isle Bridge or through Beachmont, we breathe an audible sigh of relief, knowing that we are home at a place which is so close, yet seems so far away, from the hustle and bustle of Boston and its environs.

The piece in Boston Magazine noted that the commuter ferry boat will be a boon to our community once it begins year round operation. Ironically, Winthrop had a commuter ferry boat back at the turn of the 20th century, so it took us 100 years to re-recognize its value, not merely for commuters, but for the community at large, for whom a ferry boat serves as an enormous attraction to potential home buyers, thereby lifting property values. Just as the expansion of the commuter rail lines to the South Shore has helped to buffer that area from the housing depression, so too, we predict that if our town can find a way to make the commuter boat a year round operation, it will have an immediate and positive impact on our property values.

But beyond a discussion of commuter boats and property values, Winthrop has many other assets that make it an attractive place to live. Sure, we still have our problems (Logan Airport, for example)   no place on this Earth is perfect   but when you look at the amazing things that are accomplished in our schools; at the high level of professionalism in our town government; at the natural beauty of our seashore; and at the quality of the people who make up our town, it is fair to say that Winthrop is a wonderful place to live and raise a family   and it can only get better.

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