Police Blotter 03-01-2012

Tuesday, February 21

Female caller from Crystal Cove Avenue reports her brother is acting crazy. Officers report party had left prior to their arrival. The individual has active warrants. Officers reports verbal argument between brother and sister.

Officer reports locating a 13-year old juvenile in front of Seven Eleven. The juvenile reports that he left his group home on Saturday. The home was contacted who stated that they had him in as missing. He was transported back to the Arlington Star Home in the W/94.

Neighbor from Crystal Cove Avenue called stating that male from previous incident is back at the front door trying to gain entrance. Officers report he had left the area upon arrival. Officers are searching the area.

Received a citizen complaint about speeding cars and buses on Shirley Street in the Yerrill Beach area. When time and staffing allows, can an officer perform radar.

Caller reports two suspicious males cutting through the back yard on Plummer Avenue. Units report speaking with male and a friend.

Walk-in report from a patient of Mass Eye and Ear Hospital stating that her nurse has changed her list of medications in her file at the hospital. Advised of her rights.

Caller reports very loud live band music going on again on Ocean View. Officer responded and reports no loud music upon his arrival. He reports staying in the area and all is quiet still. He will check back during the shift to monitor. 

Wednesday, February 22 

Caller on Shirley Street reports an unknown person knocking on her door attempting to gain entry.

Call of a moving truck blocking traffic on Winthrop Street. Officer reports no moving truck in the area.

Chelsea Police put out over the air they are looking for a 2000 Chrysler operated by a male wanted for pushing a female out of his vehicle. If located, contact Chelsea to see if he is still wanted.

Caller from Winthrop Market reports shoplifter in the store. Units report speaking with female.

Caller on Hagman Road reports ex-employee on scene causing a disturbance. Units report speaking with all employees who deny calling for a disturbance.

Landlord on Hermon Street requests a well being check on her tenant. Units report male cleared medically by Action Ambulance. Sister-in-law contacted and will work with social services/Winthrop Council on Aging to get him some assistance.

Fire Department called to report they received a call from Governors Drive from a female who stated someone was banging on her door this morning at 4:30 a.m. saying that he was from the Fire Department to do an Inspection. The Fire Department does not do inspections at 4:30 a.m.

Officer stopped a motor vehicle for a stop sign violation on Lincoln Street. Citation issued. Operator has an expired license. His wife came down to take the vehicle.

Party on Ocean Avenue called to state she has been in a civil dispute with her landlord. The landlord arrived at her apartment with a man he claimed was the Winthrop Building Inspector to inspect the building. The caller was unsure if it was the actual building inspector. Town Hall was contacted by the police to verify if the building inspector was at that location. Town Hall stated the building inspector was not there and he only works Monday-Thursday.

Call that a resident at Suffolk Mental Health is having a seizure. Fire notified and officer will assist with traffic.

Reports of a dispute on Tewksbury Street. Verbal between two brothers. One left, one stayed.

Disabled motor vehicle at top of Shore Drive. Standing by for AAA tow.

W-98 responded to assist Boston with an arrest on Tafts Avenue. Boston Police executed a search warrant with an assist by Winthrop PD.

Report of a male at Executive Apartments in a red hooded sweatshirt is yelling at and pushing a female there. Caller stated that the female was yelling to be left alone. They moved over to Hadassah Way and then went left on Shirley. W-92 and W-93 responded and report checking out the entire area and could not locate the couple.

Caller reports young people are gathering outside Energy to Go causing a problem. This is an ongoing issue. Office spoke with the youths and moved them along.

Male on Marshall Street reports that another male is outside and causing a problem. His motor vehicle was keyed by the suspect. 

Thursday, February 23 

Caller reports a Spanish male in front of Thompson’s Town Liquor leaving some type of paper. Officer report the papers are newspapers that were being dropped off for the business.

Several calls of an explosion on Pleasant Street and reports of a house fully engulfed in flames. First responding officers report another explosion was when they arrived. National Grid called as this maybe a gas problem. House occupants placed in cruisers to keep warm. One occupant taken to Mass General. Red Cross was called. Salvation Army on the scene. Red Cross called and they have housing if needed.

Officer cited an operator of a motor vehicle who disregarded and removed the police barricade at the above scene.

Caller on Girdlestone Road requests an ambulance for his wife who is having diabetic issues.

Call of two shoplifters at Energy to Go. Officers report two juvenile females stole something yesterday and are back today. They fled before the officers arrived and were given the story of yesterday’s event. Officers report two juveniles were found. Officer took one home and the other to the station. The one taken to the station would not tell us anything about how to contact her mother. After several calls we located the mother and she came to the station.

Report of a motor vehicle being towed from Chamberlain Avenue after being stopped for speeding. Registration status is revoked/insurance cancelled. Citation issued.

Male on Atlantic Street came in to report the East Boston Savings called him to report someone from a Bank in Uganda tried to take $5,000 from  his checking account. EB Savings knew this was a scam and put a stop to it. Bank needed this entry recorded.

Requests a temporary parking permit to be issued to the owners of the property destroyed today as they can not use their driveway. A temp pass was issued and W-91 delivered it to the scene.

Call of youths, approximately 12 years of age running back and forth across the street in the dark between cemetery and golf club. Officer checked the entire area and there were no youths running around.

Male called to report illegally parked cars on Bowdoin Street causing a shrinking in the street which almost caused him to get into a head on collision with oncoming traffic. 

Friday, February 24 

Caller reports dog is barking on Sagamore Avenue ad keeping him up. Officer reports no one will answer the door and there is no dog in the yard at this time.

Caller states there is a taxi parked under his window on Shirley Street with the engine running disturbing his sleep. W-91 reports speaking with the driver who agreed to shut off his engine.

Someone called to report that there is a male sleeping in the lobby on Veterans Road. He appears to be homeless. W-91 reports man was sent on his way.

Party reports “suspicious” men using leaf blowers walking along Hermon Street. Officer reports it is the Winthrop DPW.

Party from Fairview Street came to report the theft of his wife’s portable GPS unit from her motor vehicle sometime over the last couple of days. He reports nothing else appears to be missing and no damage to the vehicle.

Female from Amelia Avenue called to report a suspicious white/blue motor vehicle was out front but turned around and sped off. She recently had her car and key ring stolen in East Boston. Party will call back if the motor vehicle returns to the area. Advised to change her locks and she did contact a locksmith.

Attempt was made to pick up a parole violator at Governors Park with the assistance of our officers. Subject was not home at present time.

Caller from East Boston called to report her dog ran out. Name and number taken in case the dog is found. A few minutes later Boston City Hall called to report a man on River Road in Winthrop called them to say he found the dog. Owner notified.

Security from Governors Drive called to report a group giving him a hard time and refusing to move off the premises. Vandalism was done to the property. Officers spoke to the reporting party but they were not sure who damaged the property. Officers will patrol the area this evening.

Caller reports three young males just tried to sell him marijuana inside the 7-11. He said three males with dark hoodie, one “looks” Asian. Officer reports speaking to one male matching description. Nothing on him.

Someone from Forest Street reports hearing noises down stairs. She went to check it out and saw that the back door was kicked in. Officer report no forced entry. Door was unlocked. Officers searched basement and spoke to caller. All okay. 

Saturday, February 25 

Caller reports for us to be at above intersection of Revere and Harvard Street. Unknown problem, due to his English. Officers report it turned out to be a fare dispute. Officers settled the problem and all are happy again.

Officers request EMS as one party on Locust Street wants to go to the hospital to be checked out for unknown problem. Officers report a verbal between roommates. One transported to Whidden on his own request.

Caller reports that her neighbor on Pleasant Park Road put the dog out on the deck about 30 minutes ago and the dog continues to bark. W-100 reports area all quiet upon arrival.

Another call of a male sleeping in the lobby on Veterans Road. W-93 reports sending the subject out of the area.

Party reports an electrical box is hanging down and blowing in the wind on Bowdoin Street. Officer reports it is a cable box that came loose. It does not pose an immediate threat to pedestrians or vehicular traffic.

Female reports an attempted breaking and entering on Banks Street sometime within the last few hours. 93 reports landlord/tenant dispute. Caller was advised.

Someone called to report a large tree limb in the roadway on Woodside Avenue. 91 requesting the DPW respond. Message left for Steve Calla as unable to contact DPW on their radio frequency.

Party reports two motor vehicles parked in the no parking zone causing a road obstruction. Officer had the vehicles moved.

Someone called on Pico Avenue to report her power is out. National Grid notified and they will respond ASAP.

Party reports a large tree branch is obstructing the road between the two cemeteries. Officer reports the street is blocked and the DPW is required. Two more trees down on Seymour Street. DPW notified.

Female on Golden Drive reports her neighbor fell and needs assistance. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Father called to report mother of his child is not going to be dropping the child off to him in accordance with the court order.

Female from the EB Neighborhood Health reports “they will not let her leave.” 

Sunday, February 26 

Party from Court Road reporting a disturbance. Caller hung up when asked about his identity. Units report verbal argument between mother and son.

Transmission over the Fire Channel WFD responding to a report of smoke showing. Units closing down Veterans Road at this time.

Party reports a jeep has been parked across the street on Pleasant Park Road for several days now and seems very suspicious. Officer reports above motor vehicle was towed there from the fire scene on Pleasant Street. The owner is still hospitalized and it will remain there for the present time.

Someone reporting on Somerset Avenue that a raccoon is sitting on the sidewalk. Animal Control officer contacted but is out of town at the present time. He will contact Revere Animal Control and ask if he will respond.

Party reports the raccoon from earlier call is in the above vicinity now. ACO Vanbuskirk has been notified.

Male on Irwin Street came to the station to report an assault and battery this morning. Victim/witness filled out. He will go to court in the morning.

Fire called for a unit to assist for smoke coming from a manhole near Cumberland Farms. National Grid arriving on scene and requesting officer. Power outage from manhole at Cumberland Farms. All the usual calls. As a result, Cummings School and the Middle School have no classes today. Gorman Fort Banks and high school do have school.

Party on Enfield Road reports he is on oxygen and has run out. Call transferred to WFD who will assist the party. 

Monday, February 27 

Detail officer reports wires knocked down by a delivery truck at Wyatt’s Mobil Mart. WFD contacted and will respond. Verizon lines are down and there is property damage done.

Manager from Winthrop Market reports a female just stole some items inside the store and left with a male. Officer reports.

Party came to station to make a report regarding drug activity. 92 provided him with a victim/witness form. He left with it and will return after being advised.

Revere police located a stolen motor vehicle in our town. OCA cancelled in LEAPS. Officer reports vehicle has ignition column damage as well as body damage. Owner contacted and advised to contact GJ Towing in Revere.

Party from Shirley Street reports his niece face booked him saying that her ex-boyfriend has assaulted her and has her cell phone. Officer reports speaking with both parties and placing the male under arrest.

Caller from Walden Street reports  man going through mailboxes. Units stopped one at Main Street.

Named caller from Banks Street reports a dispute there and requests officers. Units dispatched and report: resident now requesting fire investigate a possible C/O leak. Officers report clearing building for safety precautions until WFD clear. All units cleared, all parties advised per landlord tenant dispute.

Caller reports man sleeping in the ATM at Mobile Station. Units request medical, fire, Action notified to respond. One to Mass General.

Caller from Shirley Street reports possibly dark male asleep in the common hallway. Units report.

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