To Dr. Brooks: Local Dentist Makes Visits to Our Schools

We’re not so sure which is more awesome: That Dr. Howard Brooks has been visiting our schools for the past 25 years and educating our students about the importance of dental health,  or that Dr. Brooks, who looks great and has so much energy, has really been a dentist for a quarter-century. (Where does the time go?)

Dr. Brooks has provided professional dental treatment at his familiar Woodside Ave. practice since 1987, following in the footsteps of his father, Dr. Barry Brooks, who started the practice in 1959 and is still improving Winthrop smiles at the office. (And we should note that Barry Brooks was the valedictorian of his dental class after doing his undergraduate training at Harvard University.)

Dr. Howard Brooks is a credit to Winthrop and our school system. Anyone who has worked with him in the Winthrop Rotary or on any of the number of endeavors in which he volunteers knows how much he loves Winthrop. For Dr. Brooks to take time from his busy schedule to meet with our students and educate them on the importance of brushing and flossing well, all we can say is that it’s just a great program that he has created and carried out for the last 25 years.

We’re not sure that he’s been officially commended for this tremendous program, but we certainly know that we join with the parents, school administrators, and teachers in thanking him for being so dedicated to our schoolchildren over the past quarter of a century.

Dr. Brooks is affecting young lives in a positive way with his visits to the schools and we congratulate him on 25 years as a dentist.

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