Police Blotter 02-16-2012

Monday, February 6

Caller reports loud argument on Shirley Street. Units report verbal and all parties advised of their rights.

Wife requests an ambulance for her husband on Billows Street who is having difficulty breathing.

Male from Park Avenue came to the station to report he lost or had his Visa credit card stolen. It was used over the internet. It was used to the tune of $464.95. He just needed this on record.

Report of a minor accident near Nick’s Place. Officer reports two vehicles involved.

Father on Sunset Road wants to check on daughter as she was in a car accident yesterday. 93 Armistead and WFD report forced entry, no one home.

Officer spoke with mother of person they have to serve. She stated he resides in Cambridge and will contact him to let him know of the order.

Caller from Washington Avenue reports her son is out of control. One in custody for domestic violence. WFD and ambulance responded. Victim signed a refusal. Arrested for domestic assault and battery.

Tuesday, February 7

Caller reports mother on Hermon Street is having trouble breathing. WFD and ambulance notified.

W-92 officer with motor vehicle with moving violations. Citation issued for red light violation on Main Street.

Father came in to station to report his daughter is missing. OCA sent out. Cambridge Court is obtaining a warrant also.

Officer will try to serve male a 209-A issued by the Chelsea District Court. He reports no answer. Information obtained last night is that he lives in Cambridge. Chelsea Court notified.

Female called to ask for a well being check at Governors Park. Caller stated her sister had surgery and was released from the hospital yesterday. She has not been able to get in touch with her today. Officer was able to make contact with sister and states she is fine.

Party requesting an ambulance transport from Walden Street for a medical issue. Transferred to WFD.

Doctor from MGH called to state he is faxing a Section 12 for a male on Temple Avenue. Officers report nobody home. Doctor called to state the male has moved to Lowell.

Alarm central called reporting a rear door alarm activation at Amaral & Associates. Units dispatched and report.

Male called to report his tenant has a warrant and is at home. Officers report, located individual, one in custody.

Wednesday, February 8

Caller reports a motor vehicle has rolled out of a driveway on Shirley Street at Tafts Avenue. Officer reports and notifies owner and the vehicle is now back in driveway.

Party from Otis Street reports that he is receiving threatening phone calls from his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend. Party was advised to not answer his phone from any blocked numbers or calls from his ex-girlfriend. Also advised to contact this department if the current boyfriend does show up at his residence.

Caller on Trident Avenue needs an ambulance for her brother.

92 Turner has motor vehicle stopped and female has two active warrants. This was called in by Winthrop Housing as a result of a submitted check. Warrants verified.

Party came in to report a neighbor on Ocean View Way was in her house with her adult daughter and fears he will break in at a later date. 92 spoke with the adult daughter and reports no crime at this time. Subject was asking questions relative to a vacant residence in the neighborhood.

Woman reports Cemetery Building on fire. Fire, 92 reports checking area to no avail.

Caller reports motor vehicle has been running for four hours on Bellevue Avenue and no one is around. Officer reports finding owner on Bellevue Avenue.

Thursday, February 9 

Wireless E911 transfer from State Police. Caller states there is a suspicious male subject passed out/asleep in the entranceway of the building on Governors Drive. Locating subject is known to them who is homeless. Subject left area without incident.

Mother on Shore Drive reports her son needs assistance. WFD and 92 report. One taken to MGH.

Juvenile female on Shirley Street reports a group of juvenile males accused her friend of taking property and attempted to look through her bag. She pushed one of the males away and left the area. She stated she was fine and was calling only for advice. She was advised to speak with an officer and inform a parent to contact the police. 92 checked the area. Area clear at this time. 92 will check her residence.

93 reports two unattended children in motor vehicle on Court Road. Parent located and was advised.

Report of ex-boyfriend sending messages on facebook that may contain threats. Party located on Waldemar Avenue and spoken to. He received a prank call and was upset. He was advised not to contact his ex-girlfriend.

Call reports a problem down at the Belle Isle Boat Yard with his son-in-law and requests officers respond. He then came in to apply for a restraining order against his son-in-law which was issued by judge. Subject served over phone by officer.

Male called to report his brother-in-law is trying to steal the travel-lift trailer from belle Isle Boat Yard. Units report stopping G/J from removing anything from the yard. Officer responded with RPD to place subject in custody for violation of 209a.

Friday, February 10 

Caller reports truck has been idling for a while at Muffin Town. Officer dispatched to investigate and spoke with operator of the truck. He shut the engine off.

Someone called to report that a car alarm has been going off in the area since 4 a.m. on Winthrop Street. Officer en route to locate vehicle and reports not hearing any alarms going off in the area.

Reports of a truck blocking on Pleasant Street at Ingleside Avenue. 92 responded and reports Phoenix Company working in area. Detail officer requested.

Caller from Governors Drive reports she is a victim of a $169. Fraud by HGWVENZA Co. Money order was sent via FedEx. Victim already contacted the attorney general’s office.

Woman on Harbor View Avenue found a white curly haired dog. Someone from the area called to say she lost her little white dog. Will hook her up with person who found the dog.

Party of Woodside Avenue reports she fell on the stairs and needs assistance getting up. WFD notified.

Male reports three Spanish males. It looks like they dragged and cuffed someone out of the house on Strand Way. 92 DeCarlo reports. Spoke with caller who claims an earlier incident and WFD and police were there. WFD reports they were never there and neither were the police there. Case closed. No one around.

Caller on Governors Drive states a woman just came into his office looking for help. He is not sure if she is being attacked or a domestic. Officer report talking to the woman. She is being bothered by a person in the building. She does not know who he is or where he lives in the building. Officers knock on door and could not locate the male.

Caller reports someone setting off fireworks at the basketball court on Walden Street. Officers tied up on above domestic.

Party from Circuit Road came to the station to report that her daughter was falsely accused of bullying another student at the Middle School. She filled out a victim/witness statement and said the school will handle it. She just wanted it noted.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue reports her ex will not let her visit her child. States she has a probate order allowing her to visit. She called her ex to arrange to pick up her daughter on Saturday. He would not talk to her and keeps hanging up on her. The child exchange is court ordered for East Boston/Orient Heights.

Party reports her wallet stolen out of her unlocked car on Shirley Street.

Someone reports a man with alcohol poisoning on Pauline Street. WFD notified. Transported to Whidden.

Saturday, February 11 

Neighbor states that there is a truck running and disturbing her sleep. She also stated that there was another truck running at this location earlier today. W-92 reports speaking with the truck driver and informing him about the continued disturbances. Truck driver leaving town for the night and will return in the morning.

Family member on Bartlett Road requests an ambulance for his elderly mother who isn’t feeling well. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Female on Court Road requesting the police to remove a male from the residence. Units report caller requesting the male leave the residence. Units will stand by as he gathers some belongings. Female advised of her rights for a 209A. No abuse alleged at this time. Male party was picked up by family members and has left the area.

Party reports someone tossed the orange traffic barrels over in the area of Lewis Lake.

Someone reports a group of five in the area of Kennedy Road and is concerned that one of the males is “wasted”. Units requesting EMS for an evaluation. WFD notified. Units have relocated to the Demetri’s Liquors parking lot. WFD notified. Mother was located and is one the scene. Medical transport refused.

Visiting Nurse requests EMS for a patient on Read Street to be transported to hospital for further evaluation. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Individual from Boston came to station to report that the mother of his son is not meeting him here at the police station (which is the norm) for his allowed visitation between the hours of 4 p.m.-8 p.m. This is the second consecutive Saturday that this has occurred.

Caller from Shirley Street states that her brother is using her credit card to download video games to his X-Box.

Mother called from Arizona to report her daughter is threatening suicide on Trident Avenue. Fire, Action, units report one to Whidden. Voluntary.

Sunday, February 12 

911 reporting fight in street in Chamberlain Avenue. Units report one of the women was taken in by her aunt. All rights given.

Caller reports hearing noises in his attic on Sagamore Avenue. Units report checking house. Nothing there.

Someone called to report manhole smoking and sparking at Cumberland Farms. Fire requests DPW and National Grid. So done. Power went out. National Grid on scene. Many, many calls from the usual suspects. Referred to National Grid.

Caller reports a fight between two males at Cumberland Farms. Units report one male placed in custody.

Male called requesting consideration regarding resident parking as he will be on Pearl Avenue babysitting and his sticker is for the Highland area. He wanted consideration for his Honda Accord.

Father on Bowdoin Street is on oxygen and is having trouble breathing. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Alarm company reports second floor front stairway at High School activation. Officers report walking through the building with the custodian. All secure. 

Monday, February 14

Woman on Winthrop Street locked out of her house. Reports infant child inside. WFD notified.

Officer has motor vehicle stopped for having an expired inspection sticker. Operator has revoked license and will be placed under arrest. Vehicle turned over to another driver.

Caller reports woman just struck her vehicle on Crest Avenue and then fled, refusing to provide insurance information. W-93 reports both parties still at scene and assisted in exchanging information.

Female came to the station to report someone broke into her vehicle while parked on Shore Drive. Her bag with many items and money were taken.

Caller reports argument with his mother-in-law on Shirley Street. Units report spoke to all parties. Advised of their rights. Male left for the day.

Officer will try to serve male on Beach Road a 209A issued by the East Boston Court. He reports speaking to a family member and they will tell him to call or come by the station.

Mother called to report her son on Somerset Avenue is having chest pains. WFD notified.

CVS called to request a police officer as they have one of their employees “in custody” for allegedly stealing drugs from the pharmacy. Charges: larceny from a the building, larceny of drug, drug possession of Class C in school zone and drug possession of Class C drug.

Abandoned 911 call from Johnson Avenue. Call back revealed that the babysitter had passed out but came to. Information given to WFD who will handle.

Report of a suspicious green motor vehicle in the area of Tileston Road for several days. W93 responded and reports the vehicle belongs to a neighbor.

Husband and wife came to the station to report getting letters regarding appointments from a previous social service agency they were involved with prior to moving to Winthrop. They were advised to contact one of the numbers on the letters of their current agent and have them contact the previous agency.

Caller reports his ex-girlfriend was in his home on Nahant Avenue and he did not want her there. Officers report she was allowed in and will be leaving for the night. It was a verbal argument between boyfriend/girlfriend.

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