Police Blotter 01-26-2012

Tuesday, January 17

Party reports her downstairs neighbor on Crystal Cove Avenue is shouting in the apartment disturbing her. Officer reports speaking with both parties who were advised of their rights on this ongoing tenant dispute.

Someone reports there is a fire in the wall at the Silver Clean. WFD notified. Officers assisted with traffic control.

Caller reports male party left his two year old child in the car and went into schools at Fort Banks. Unit spoke to party. Child refused to get out of the car and he denied being out of eye view of the child at any time.

Someone found a dog on Pleasant Street following mailman and dog is now in her front hall. It is a white and black Ihasa or Shitzu.

A vehicle which was parked in the rear of Pond Street appeared to have been side swiped on the driver’s side by another vehicle which had damage on the passenger side view mirror.

Anonymous tip of a party with warrant at bus stop near CVS.

Motor vehicle operator questioned on Woodside Avenue regarding HP placard violations. Officer seized the HP placard from the driver.

Party requests EMS for a party with chest pains. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Someone came to the station to report that there was a potted tree outside her store (Tutti Frutti) which was damaged last month by parties unknown. She did not report it at that time. Last night, someone stole said potted tree.

Party came to station to report a past larceny from the Belle Isle Boat Yard.

Wednesday, January 18

Party reports alarm activation at the Lucky Garden Restaurant. Officers report building is secured and no signs of a break-in.

Someone reports a motor vehicle is constantly blocking the sidewalk by hanging over the driveway on Revere Street. Officer reports the motor vehicle was gone upon his arrival.

Party requests EMS for a person having difficulty breathing on Bowdoin Street. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Female reports her East Boston Savings Bank Visa debit card was lost or stolen sometime on Friday, January 13th and was utilized several times out of town locations for a total of $1,007.32. The card was reported lost or stolen on Saturday, January 14th at approximately 3 p.m. and is currently being investigated by bank security.

Party reports his wife at Seal Harbor Road is having some difficulty and may have taken too much medication. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service, but party hung up. WFD and EMS responded. Party refused treatment and will seek alcohol detox.

Caller reports a dead seagull on Orlando Avenue. Animal control will remove.

Male reports his motor vehicle is being obstructed by a Toyota SUV on Revere Street. Officer reports motor vehicle was tagged and owner has moved it.

Party reports the street sign for Deepwater Street was located between her screen door and solid door when she was exiting her house on Perkins Street. Officer went by the address and retrieved the sign and will bring it by DPW.

Alarm company reports alarm was accidentally set off by brother who is watching the house on River Road.

Caller from Golden Drive requests medical as she has to go to detox. Fire, Action, W-99 respond and report one to Whidden.

Thursday, January 19

Someone called requesting the police to respond to his home on Shore Drive but did not respond when asked why. Officers report caller was under the influence of alcohol and feels that somebody is after him. Officers report the area surrounding the home was clear. All parties ran for warrants. One individual had three active warrants. Officers report one under arrest.

A mother called from Marshall Street to report her young daughter is having a hard time breathing. Fire notified.

Officer will try to serve a female on Somerset Avenue a 209-A issued by the East Boston Court. He reports nobody home at the time.

Caller reports downed wire on Central Street. W-92 reports unable to locate any low hanging wire.

Party came to the station looking for an update on her missing 15 year old daughter. She was informed a missing person was filed on 1/12/12 by Arlington Police and we have not received any report of her in the area.

Caller reports a group of youths had just broken into the vending machine at Suds ‘n Surf Laundromat and then fled the area.

Juvenile male from Lincoln Street came to the station to report being assaulted and pushed against a wall and strangled by his father who does not live with him. The father then took his telephone from him so he could not call for help.

Several calls regarding a car parked on Revere Street since last night. Car was broken down and has not been removed yet. Owner was spoken to and will remove now.

Asked for an assist to force an entrance to home on Shore Drive that had water pouring from it. W-92 officer was cancelled enroute as fire cleared. Owner did not want any assistance.

Male called to report his wife’s motor vehicle was struck by another motor vehicle while at the Market Place. She exchanged papers with the other local party as there was damage to the vehicle’s bumper. He was advised to file an accident report within five days.

Report that while parked on Woodside Avenue at La Siesta Restaurant, her driver’s side mirror was knocked from her Toyota. Caller believes someone did this not a car passing by.

Alarm for Golden Star Collision. W-92 checked business and all secure. Alarm company called back to cancel and was told, it was too late as the officer is already there at the scene and cleared.

Friday, January 20

Caller reports a vehicle struck a telephone pole on Main Street. WFD and ambulance notified. Officers report extensive damage to Pole #835. National Grid notified via WFD. Operator  refused medical. WFD stated that the pole was safe and that the street could be open.

Alarm company called stating that they had an alarm activation at the Senior Center. Officer reports worker accidentally put the wrong alarm code in.

Caller reports that a motor vehicle was parked across the driveway blocking the sidewalk causing her to walk in the street every day on Revere Street. Officer spoke to caller and the operator of the vehicle. They have settled the parking issue.

Someone reports a motor vehicle parked without moving for over a month. Check reveals vehicle placed on 72 hour list on January 16. Vehicle towed for 72 hour law violation. Officer notes damage to the front bumper prior to tow by G&J.

Caller reports a sign down at Main Street. Officer reports it is a MIG sign warning people of the new crosswalk. Detail officer will notify Mr. Kennedy to check it out.

Report of a large truck backed into Muffin Town and it is sticking out over the sidewalk. It blocks out the outbound lane and is over the double yellow line. Officer reports truck is moving out soon.

Call from male on Somerset Avenue to report his vehicle was hit and run this morning. Officer reports vehicle was hit, possibly by a plow.

Male caller reports that there are cars parked in resident parking spots on Overlook Drive. Officer reports illegally parked vehicles are gone. Male caller was called back and he stated the vehicle he called about left when the officers arrived.

Cell phone caller reports a motor vehicle just took down a traffic light pole and took off at the intersection of Main and Hermon Street. Caller reports he went into East Boston and then drove into Revere. Caller then called back a minute later and stated the vehicle pulled into Suffolk Downs and the operator went inside. He will go to court if needed. DPW will respond to pick up the fallen pole.

Officer has motor vehicle stopped on Veterans Road for being expired. G&J will tow. Citation issued.

Mother reports she is being threatened by her son on Tewksbury Street. Units report verbal only. Peace restored. Mother wants son to remain on premises. All parties advised of their rights.

Female from Governor’s Garden reports she is being threatened. Officer reports she is receiving threatening and harassing phone calls from her sister-in-law’s former tenant. She, her sister-in-law and the caller all live in Revere. She just wanted this on record. Calls are regarding a former tenant/landlord dispute.

Party reports a black spaniel escaped from her yard on Read Street and has no collar.

Saugus Police called regarding a motor vehicle listed to our jurisdiction commiting a larceny at the Home Depot in their jurisdiction. They would like us to have owner contact them. The motor vehicle comes back listed revoked. Message was delivered for party to contact Saugus PD but motor vehicle was not in area.

Report of a male down outside of Blackstrap who has cut his head.

Female called to report applying for a babysitting/nanny position on a website. She now believes it may have been a scam as the parties involved said they were moving to Court Road. The names given to her were checked with Century 21 who has not sold the house to anyone by that name.

Another attempt to serve a 209 to a female on Somerset Avenue. Officer reports serving her in hand at her mother’s home. Parties were advised of their rights regarding ongoing probate matter.

Male called regarding his family’s missing black lab on Center Street.  Dog owner was given information regarding the animal’s whereabouts.

Called to report his neighbor’s dog on Waldemar Avenue is barking and scaring his family. Dog is unrestrained and he is afraid that the dog may come after them on his property.

Hard to understand caller but sounded like the electric power was cut to his apartment on Revere Street. Officer reports speaking with tenant and landlord. Landlord stated that a “fuse” blew. Tenant stated that he has resided there for six weeks and he has been given a 30 day notice to move. Landlord was advised not to shut off the heat or electric. All parties were advised of their rights through housing court.

W-93 reports being flagged down at the Town Landing by a man and his 10 year old son regarding a black truck going by them with occupants swearing at them. W-93 checked the area.

Saturday, January 21

Female caller reports she is at her birthday party on Elmwood Avenue and one of her guest had taken a gift and walked out of the house. The gift was located in a motor vehicle in front of the home. The officers retrieved the gift and returned it to the calling party.

Alarm Central called for an alarm activation on Nahant Avenue. Officer reports set off by mistake.

Caller reports her son has slipped and fallen in the snow outside on Wilshire Street. He may have broken his leg. W-92 reports 20-year old male treated and transported via Action Ambulance.

Caller reports neighbors fighting on Sunset road. Units report verbal argument between parent and child. Peace restored.

Call of a motor vehicle crash into a post office box at Magee’s Corner. Postal Police notified.

Caller reports fight between neighbor’s shoveling snow on Trident Avenue. Units report speaking with both female parties. Verbal argument only. Parties advised of their rights and peace restored.

Someone called to report a drain cover is half off on Nahant Avenue and is a safety issue. Steve Calla notified.

Caller reports there are cars parked on Hutchinson Street in violation of the No Parking Ban. Lt. Perrin reports having the vehicles moved.

Caller reports there are cars parked on Amelia Avenue in violation of the No Parking Ban. Lt. Perrin reports one vehicle there, it was tagged.

Male caller reports far out past the breakers is an overturned sailboat. Fire and officers report it appears to be a piece of an old pier.

DPW called to report Fremont Street needs to have a few vehicles moved. Lt. Perrin reports he hit the siren and lights and will go back in a half hour.

DPW called to report Bellevue Avenue needs to have a few vehicles moved. Lt. Perrin reports he hit the siren and lights and will go back in a half hour.

DPW called, they would like vehicles tagged or towed off of Sunnyside Avenue. Lt. Perrin reports.

Call that a guest that passed out on Myrtle Avenue. Fire notified.

DPW Calla reports that the parking ban will be lifted as of 5 p.m.

Caller reports of a fight at D’Parma’s Restaurant. Two brothers fighting past A&B. Parties advised of their rights. Restaurant compensated for damage.

Male caller reports a male dressed all in black with a tripod and he thinks the man is taking pictures of planes at the airport.

Female called to report her estranged husband just came by the house on Bowdoin Street and took property that was outside. Caller thinks there is a shovel and broom missing. She states this is in violation of a probate order regarding marital property.

Report of a fight on Pleasant Street in front of the garage area. Area clear and call back to caller who stated the parties took off. He thinks one of them may have gone into the building.

Call of a problem with a neighbor in the building at Atlantis Marina Condos. Same parties involved in previous call. Caller requested an officer to respond.

Sunday, January 22

Reports her cousin fell and has a nose bleed on Shirley Street. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Prestige Auto reports an alarm at Expert Auto. Officer reports building is secure.

Central Dispatch called of an activation at Winthrop High School. Officer reports girls basketball and someone in the weight room. All appears to be fine.

Department of Youth services notified us of a warrant on an individual at Governors Park. Warrant was confirmed and officers report subject not home.

Male called to report his elderly father from Neptune Avenue is driving and may very well pose a threat to public safety given his numerous medical conditions (including dementia). We were given a description of the car. All units BOLO’d. W-93 attempted to make contact with the party but neither the subject’s vehicle or the caller appeared to be at home. His wife is on the way home.

State Police dispatcher called to report unknown problem on Almont Street. Female caller was out of breath. Possible domestic. Officers report contact with the first floor and she stated she did hear something coming from basement apartment in the rear. Officers report no answer and they are going to use the key from other tenant to enter to check on the well being of anyone inside. Officers speaking with female party. She stated a verbal and male party was gone. Advised to call if he returns.

Wife called to report her husband is having chest pains on Coral Avenue. Call transferred to WFD. WFD and Action are responding.

Monday, January 23

Party called to complain about loud music coming from upstairs on Crystal Cove Avenue. W93 responding to speak to the upstairs tenant. W93 reports speaking with the father, who stated that his daughter had the music on while getting ready for school. Father stated he would have her keep the music down from now on.

Party reports receiving a phone call from an unknown party and a young child was on telephone. The child stated papa help me, he then heard a male party having a conversation with the child. Call was made to the number to no avail. Message was left for the party to contact WPD.

Unknown party turned in a Citizen Bank visa debit card.

Party from Neptune Avenue reports her husband is again operating his motor vehicle and may have health issues that affect his driving. All officers BOLO.

Officer reports a waterbox cover is missing from Pleasant Street and Edgehill Road. DPW notified.

Party came in to report someone broke into his locked motor vehicle sometime overnight on Franklin Street. He reports entry was gained by smashing a passenger side window. Two items were taken from the car.

Caller reports two men in a red car in front of his house on Wilshire Street are doing “dope”. Detective dispatched to area and spoke to couple in the car. No crime. Officer cleared.

Housing Director called to report a domestic at Read Street. Officers report. Verbal, ex-husband will leave. Male subject requests ride to train station. 93 brought him to station. All advised.

Alarm call from the “teller line” at Bank of America. Officer report all doors and windows locked. No one in building. All secure.

Caller reports male sleeping under his porch on Shirley Street. Officer reports taking male to his friend’s house.

Caller reports his wife is going nuts on Revere Street. Units request EMS, Fire, Action. Units report no transport. All rights given.

Several calls of motor vehicle on fire on Shore Drive.

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