Police Blotter 12-15-2011

Tuesday, December 6 

Officer took a report of a hold-up alarm at Energy To Go, at the Fresh Express. Report everything is fine and they were not aware there was a hold-up alarm in the building. They will contact the alarm company.

Party received a call from his girlfriend’s daughter regarding a text message sent to her about a Streeter Plumber company by the address to check a water heater. Party believes it is a scam call and would like the property checked. Everything appears to be in order.

Male reports a white male approximately 18 years old was just at his door on Somerset Avenue soliciting for money. Party stated he lost his wallet and resides on Bellevue Avenue. 92 searched the area to no avail. He also inquired at the Bellevue address and the resident stated it was her nephew who is staying with her.

Party requests EMS for a child that fell and was injured in the cafeteria area of Cumming School. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reports student sent to MGH for evaluation. His mother was on the scene.

Female reports she is the plaintiff for a court docket and the plaintiff attempted to contact her via phone collect. She did not accept the call. She was advised the matter would be placed on record for her next hearing. Suffolk County House of Corrections contacted and notified. They advised they will block the number for the future to prevent him from trying it again and will advise him once again of the 209A law. Caller notified.

Activation for the second floor rear door on Upland Road. Officer reports alarm set off by one of the children.

Party reports two younger males just pulled up in a light brown Buick on Upland Road and they are acting suspicious. One has money in his hand.

Party came in for repeat offense. Officers served. One female was taken into custody for outstanding warrant.

Caller requests officer for exchange of papers involving minor accident on Governors Drive. W93 responded and assisted with the exchange of paperwork.

Party reports he lost his visa card four days ago at the train station.

Wednesday, December 7 

Party came in to report she met a woman with two young boys at Ingleside Park location a couple of days ago who she believes are homeless. She stated the woman is a white female who is very thin. The children are approximately three and five years old and are also very thin. She was not able to obtain her name or an address where she stays periodically. She was advised we would assist them with a shelter and check on their well-being should we encounter them. She was also advised to call if she sees them again.

Male requested assistance for his wife who has fallen on Bowdoin Street. WFD notified.

Alarm activation on Bowdoin Street first floor apartment. Officer reports the building appears to be secure.

Off-duty Newton Police Officer called reported motor vehicle was racing down River Road and went through a stop sign and sped off.

Party requesting assistance with her grandson on Revere Street. He has special needs.

Someone reports a wire was knocked down by a delivery truck on Waldemar Avenue. Officer reports it appears to be a cable line at Pole 592.

Party reports someone who has been staying with her family on Bellevue Avenue stole some items.

Officers assist Swampscott PD in picking up male on outstanding warrants. Subject placed in custody and transported to Swampscott PD.

Numerous calls from citizens complaining of the “Just Energy” people knocking on doors and ringing bells after dark. Spoke to their crew coordinator and asked him to stop the solicitation after dark. Said he would rectify the situation for the safety of  his people and our citizens.

Thursday, December 8 

Call from tenant on second floor of apartment on Cliff Avenue reporting an alarm sounding in the third floor apartment, which is empty. WFD notified also. Officer reports fire made entry to check alarm. Fire alarm sounding, probable set off by all the dust from the renovation.

Alarm company called to report alarm activation on first floor rear door at Fort Banks Elementary. Officer reports building is in order. Officer was able to locate the door that was open.

Alarm activation coming from the kitchen on Bowdoin Street. Alarm company called and officer is investigating. He reports audible alarm going off. All doors and windows are secure. Officer standing by to see if the alarm resets.

Parent dropping off their child for school noticed a wire hanging down on Waldemar Avenue. WFD located and will secure the wire.

Party reported to detail officer that a branch fell on Pauline Street and should be picked up ASAP. DPW Calla notified and will send a crew.

Officer attempted service of a Chelsea Juvenile Court summons for a youth on Summit Avenue. Officer reports nobody home at the present time.

Officer reports large tree limb is down near the intersection of Lewis Avenue and River Road. DPW notified.

Officer was sent by Trident Avenue apartment to speak with subject regarding a restitution matter. Officer reports speaking with the party who will contact Det. Racow ASAP.

Party reports he had two WII controller stolen from his motor vehicle on Winthrop Street. Officer will investigate further.

Party reports someone is attempting to steal something from Pleasant Park YC side yard. Officers investigated and reports the subject’s claim they were given permission to removing a large Vulcan stove that was being disposed of.

Someone reports a large section of a railing is dangling down over the sidewalk on Shore Drive. Officer reports checking the perimeter of the house and finding one section that is in disrepair. Officer left a note for the owner to have it repaired.

Male caller reports a newer looking Schwinn bike has been leaning against the fence at Kathy’s Place and Putnam Place all night. Officer reports bringing a black and white boy’s Schwinn bike into the garage.

Party reports an odor of natural gas in the area of Temple Avenue. WFD notified.

Female came in to report vandalism to her motor vehicle on Woodside Avenue. Victim/witness form provided.

Caller reports fight on Hermon Street. Suspects fled prior to arrival. Victim refused to give any information or accept any medical attention. Victim sent on his way.

Report of loud music on Shirley Street. 91 had it turned down.

Friday, December 9 

Party reports that when her family woke up in the morning, they noticed that the front of the house was egged overnight on Locust Street. Husband stated that it happened sometime after 10 p.m. Party wanted the incident documented.

Report that there are duck hunters too close off shore on Shirley Street. Officer checked the area and reports the hunters are at least 500 feet off shore.

Party reports his motor vehicle is missing from Undine Avenue. Advised to come to the station to file a report. BOLO sent out.

Detail officer reports observing male operating a black SUV inbound toward Delby’s Corner. Subject’s right to operate is revoked. Officer will file a report.

Party reports her neighbor is locked out of her home on Lewis Avenue and there is a young toddler inside alone. WFD contacted and was able to get the party into her home.

Caller reports a male and female were arguing near the area of Banks Street. A punch was thrown according to the caller. Officers report speaking with both parties who are not in a relationship and do not want anything done regarding the mutual assault and battery committed prior to the officers arrival.

Received 911 call from Seal Harbor. Nobody on the phone. Called back twice and no answer at the address. Officer responded and several call backs were made. The occupant was utilizing a fax machine and no service needed.

Senior citizen resident from Putnam Street called to report the sidewalk is obstructed. He reported there was an officer assigned there in the past but none for the last several days and he stated it was dangerous and he is handicapped. Call was made to the DPW who advises that all permits to obstruct the sidewalk have lapsed. Brick mason came by the station with a copy of the bond and the permit to obstruct the sidewalk and is requesting a detail officer because he will be obstructing the sidewalk.

Party reports some mail was delivered to her neighbor’s mail box in error but apparently he has thrown it all out. She was advised to contact the USPS in Chelsea to report this matter. Officer reports nobody answered the door and there are no vehicles in the driveway.

Officer requests WFD respond for smoke in the building on Nahant Avenue. Detail officers are getting people out of the building. Units responded to assist and request EMS for a pair of elderly people suffering smoke inhalation. EMS contacted and responded.

Party reports receiving a letter addressed to her from the party she has a restraining order against who is being held at the Suffolk County Jail.

Someone reports a flim flam completed at Ace Hardware.  He stated the suspect is a white male in his forties and left the area in a silver sedan. He was also observed in the Winthrop Center area. He is a large male who is very conversational. Units advised to BOLO.

Party reports two syringes and a spoon found in the area of Shore Drive. State Revere notified to contact DCR.

Male called to report damage done to his slider on his home on North Avenue. W-93 reports. Three known subjects will be summoned to court.

Party called to report that he was just assaulted on Energy to Go by another male while he was sitting in his car. He stated that he was punched and his shirt was ripped. He just wanted this noted.

Female requests we check on her sister’s well being at Governor’s Drive. She believes she has been drinking and states she is not supposed to. Officer reports no one answers at apartment. No sign of anyone home.

Owner of Demetri’s Liquor called stating there is an unwanted male in the store. W-93 reports party left prior to his arrival.

Saturday, December 10 

Caller reports suspicious males in the driveway at Clothes Encounter on Shirley Street. Officer reports he recognizes one of the parties. Confirmed default warrant.

Male caller reports a male laying in the street on Plummer Avenue. WFD and ambulance notified. Officers located the subject. Medical cleared him. Officers report coming in with one. Due to the intoxication level, he was booked from the cell.

Officer reports attempting to stop a motor vehicle at Seven Eleven but is failing to stop. He reports vehicle struck a pole at Belcher Street and Winthrop Street. WFD and ambulance notified. Officer reports one under arrest. All parties refused medical. G&J towed the vehicle. The charges were: operating a motor vehicle with suspended license, failing to stop for police, failing to stop/yield, operating recklessly so as to endanger, alcohol in motor vehicle, possession of open container, and speeding.

Female caller requesting medical assistance on Hermon Street. WFD and ambulance notified.

Caller reports unwanted guest at Golden Drive. She then hung up the phone. Officers report speaking with the caller who stated that she wanted her 25-year old son to leave her apartment. Prior to the officers arrival he had left. Area search negative. Mother stated he had a warrant. Default warrant is in the system for that party.

Report of a son who is belligerent and destroying the house on Tileston Road. Units report verbal argument between brothers. One left prior to units arrival.

Caller reports her rear windshield shattered overnight on Prospect Avenue. W-91 reports.

Male called to report he was to pick up his son at the station on Saturday mornings and the child’s mother called him to change the time. The time she stated is a time he can not make. He wanted this recorded.

Officer will try to serve a Juvenile summons to the parent or guardian of two juveniles on Governors Drive. The summons is issued by Chelsea Court. He reports no one home.

Officer will try to serve male a 209-A on Pleasant Street. This was issued by Lynn District court. He reports serving it in hand.

Officer will try to serve a Juvenile summons to the parent or guardian of one juveniles on Summit Avenue. The summons is issued by Chelsea Court. He reports no one home.

Caller reports a woman shopper at Winthrop Market on Revere Street has fallen. Transferred to WFD.

Female caller (would not give name) stated the male in a car left a young child in the car and walked around the building near the school on Kennedy Drive. Officer reports locating the male driver and he stated he is looking for his four year old daughter who walked away from him. She is wearing a pink jacket. Both mobile units are looking for the child and they report the girl walked home from the area of the school. They live at Governors Park.

Detail officer reports a female fell over a small child inside the High School. She has refused medical assistance.

Caller reports strong odor of burnt marijuana in a building on Shore Drive. Units report past violation. No evidence of current/continuing violations at this time.

Request for an ambulance transport on Beal Street for an elderly female not feeling well.

Male came in to report his black I-phone missing since yesterday. He remembers having possession of his phone at CVS and the Marketplace.

Call on the regular line silent at first and then the caller said she lived on Golden Drive. She then hung up. Mother called back to report her son had left the area. There are warrants against him if he is to return.

Female reports she may have lost her mother’s wedding band while at the High School auditorium for a performance her daughter was appearing in. Attempted to  contact several custodians. No call backs yet. Party was advised to call or go to the high school Monday morning.

Auxiliary units report the door is open to Parks and Rec at the Middle School. Message left on the director’s home phone. Mr. Driscoll responded and checked the interior with the Auxiliary unit and then secured the door.

Caller reports two SUV motor vehicles with approximately six or more young people just took the traffic cones by the Devereaux Construction site opposite his home on Grovers Avenue. He yelled to them and they took off with the cones. One motor vehicle was bluish in color and the other was a champagne color. Officers located motor vehicle fitting both descriptions at Highland and Revere Street with the cones visible in the vehicles. Officers have all the parties’ information and will follow them back to the scene to return the cones.

Officer brought a Verizon phone to the station that a citizen at the rink gave to him. Telephone was found on the street. Officer spoke with the owner of the cell phone who resides in Hull. She stated it was a very old phone and is unsure how it made it to our community. She asked that the SIM card be removed and both phone and SIM card be discarded. So done.

Winthrop Auxiliary reports finding the American flag to the upper cemetery lying at the foot of the flag pole not attached. Brought to the station and secured for the building and grounds facilities manager.

Officer reports dispersing a group of four from Hannaford Park.

Many 911 calls of a woman screaming in the middle of Main Street at Pleasant. Officers report husband and wife having a verbal argument. No abuse.

Sunday, December 11 

Reports of hearing snoring in the bushes at Coral and Shirley Street by the Shirley Street side of the Temple.

Motor vehicle stopped for speeding on Girdlestone Road with an expired registration. Operator cited and vehicle towed.

Party requested to go to the hospital. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Male reported to officer that his water at his house on Eleanor Court was apparently shut down and he would like it turned back on ASAP. DPW was notified and will meet up with the owner to put the water back on.

Report of a burglar alarm activation at the Senior Center. W-91 reports front door unsecured and nobody appears to be present. Nancy Williams contacted and will respond.

Call that an individual parked on Somerset Avenue may be having medical issues. Officers report female brought home by a friend and vehicle secured.

Officer will try to serve a Juvenile summons to the parent or guardian of two juveniles on Governors Drive. The summons is issued by Chelsea Court. He reports no one home.

Officer will try to serve a Juvenile summons to the parent or guardian of one juvenile on Summit Avenue. The summons is issued by Chelsea Court. He reports no one home.

Caller reports that the upstairs tenant on Bowdoin Street has been threatening him. She has yelled and screamed at him, calling him and his girlfriend names. Party just wants this on record and will speak to landlord about a resolution before seeking criminal complaints.

Requests for medical help for her brother who has fallen at Kirby Funeral Home. He hit his head and is under the influence. W-92 and W-94 assisted and report party refused medical assist.

Female caller reports while traveling in her motor vehicle on Shore Drive she was struck by a green motor vehicle possibly a livery car traveling towards Beacon Street in which the vehicle did not stop. Units are searching the area.

Call of a head on crash on Pauline Street at Putnam. Officers report two vehicles, one which was towed by G&J.

Caller reports of two hypodermic needles in the area of Shore Drive on the beach side. W-93 reports having them and they are placed in Sharps Container.

Call of a motor vehicle being sideswiped on Tewksbury Street. W-92 reports that a mother was reporting her son had brought back her car and was involved in an accident earlier this morning.

The chief was contacted by male regarding a past assault/bullying.

Female from Myrtle Avenue came in to report illegal use of her credit card.

Female came in to the station to report the theft of a U-haul she has rented. It was on Seymour street.

Call from Visiting Nurse from Executive Apartments regarding potential domestic between her patient and her husband who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

East Boston District court faxed a warrant of apprehension of male. Officers report they have him in custody and will transport him to the Court House.

Officer will try to serve a Juvenile summons to the parent or guardian of one juvenile on Summit Avenue. The summons is issued by Chelsea Court. He reports no one home.

Officer will try to serve a Juvenile summons to the parent or guardian of two juveniles on Governors Drive. The summons is issued by Chelsea Court. He reports no one home.

Male came in to the station to report threats from a former girlfriend on Ingleside Avenue. He has been receiving text messages stating that she will ruin his life. He was advised of his rights to a restraining order but has declined at this time. If he needs further assistance he will call or come in.

Monday, December 12 

Male reports a man dumped two boxes into a trash barrel at Brookfield and Wheelock. He gave the license plate to the officer. Plate is cancelled/returned out of Andover.

Female reports an earthquake. She lived in California. No other reports. This happened at 5:30 p.m.

Female called to report a missing white Haro boys bicycle with front and back pegs on Circuit Road. Bike is missing since Saturday around noon from her front lawn.

Male came in to the station to report a problem with his upstairs neighbor. He reports the problem has been going on for some time and involves noise. He stated that he has spoken to the landlord regarding the problem. Recently he found dog mess on his truck and thought it was related to this ongoing dispute. Today he had words with the female and a male and he heard the male say through their door “I’ll crack your skull”. He just wanted this noted if anything more should happen. He was advised to call if things escalate.

Tuesday, December 13 

Caller reports that while driving on Revere Street he observed a female and male arguing and wasn’t sure if she was all right. Officers spoke with female who stated that she was arguing with her boyfriend and was going home to Newton in a taxi.

Someone called to report he just ran over something on Edgehill Road. He wasn’t sure what it was. Officers report it was a piece of firewood. It was removed from the street.

Caller reports observing a male striking a female inside a black vehicle exiting Governors Drive. Officers report vehicle left area prior to their arrival. Area search negative.

Officer reports it appears someone threw out a television set in the area of the golf course. DPW notified.

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