Police Blotter 11-10-2011

Monday, October 31

Female caller requesting medical help for her roommate who was having trouble breathing. Winthrop Fire and ambulance notified.

Caller reports vehicle was broken into on Summit Ave. Window was smashed.

Call from a resident to report his wife’s car was broken into sometime last night on Summit Ave. Officer reports this is second vehicle break to this family and the third in the area.

Officer Hickey reports the stop sign on Pauline Street in front of the police station is gone, pole and everything. DPW called and it will be fixed.

Party has concerns as to a student at the high school. Officers located the mother’s boyfriend of the student and placed him under arrest for domestic assault and battery.

Call of a vehicle with a flat tire and air bags deployed.  Also front end damage. G&J will tow.

White Cadillac parked for four days without moving on Revere St. and displaying a visitor pass. Will pass it on to the AM shift.

Call of a disturbance in the yard on Ocean View St. Officers report verbal argument. All parties advised of all rights.

Call of a fight upstairs on Chamberlain Ave. Officers report verbal and all advised of their rights.

Environmental police called requesting assistance at the Public Landing. Reports an un-registered boat trailer will be towed. G&J notified.

Party called to report she is receiving harassing phone call and text messages. Officer Brown took care of it.

Reports of a female backed who backed into a car and drove away waving. No damage to either motor vehicle. No damage, no crime, case closed.

Reports of a male in his 30’s entering building on Golden Drive. When he left he drove over woman’s garden.

Found a BB hole in window on Winthrop St.

Boston PD dispatch reports a caller reported a white BMW with white female with a small toddler in the car that was driving all over the road. All units notified.

Call from a female to report she was called by an unknown male who asked her if she wanted to see Bangkok. The number she got was from a business that just closed.

Male upset over “his” parking space being taken on Court Rd. Reports many violations. Officer secured the area and did not locate one illegal car parked.

While checking Hannaford Park, Officer was given information on kids throwing eggs at vehicles. Officer found the group and has their information.

E-911 relay from the State to report a child having a hard time breathing. Fire notified.

Owner of the Kasbah called to report he believes someone is in his restaurant and may be drinking. He also stated the place is not open for business and has no idea how anyone got inside. Officers report there may have been someone in the place as alcohol bottles were open. No one there at the time officers arrived.

Woman called to report a large group had just entered the cemetery. Officers checked the area and a few teens were cutting through on their way home. All clear.

Auxiliary Police report a lawn design damaged on Pauline St.

Reports of a passed out female at Demetri Brothers Liquors. She was transported to the Whidden.

Owner of Magee’s Corner Liquors called reporting a larceny there. Two males took several bottles and took off on Revere St. in the direction of White Hen.

Tuesday, November 1

Officer reports group on third floor on Sea Foam Ave. were partying. W-92 reports checking for an adult and found her sleeping and was told there was no intent on having a party there tonight.

Male came into the station reporting that he just ran after a dark blue car whose occupants stole decorations from the front of the house. Units that were available were notified.

Female cell phone caller reports she is having difficulty breathing. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Lifeline requests we send WFD to an address in Viking Gardens for an elderly female that fell. WFD and EMS contacted and responded.

Party requests ambulance for his brother in Seal Harbor. Transported to MGH.

Shamrock Tow reports towing a vehicle from Governors Drive.

Female called to report she is having a problem with her husband. Officers report woman confused. All okay.

CVS manager reports a male shoplifter. W-94 reports one in custody.

Caller reports vehicle refusing to move from parking lot at Kirby’s Funeral Home. W-94 reports vehicle moved prior to arrival.

An anonymous caller reports that there may be juveniles distributing alcohol and tobacco products at the Kasbah Restaurant.

Home owner reports damage to wrought iron fence around tree on sidewalk in front of her home on Bellevue Ave. Believed to be caused by work being done on the street. Devereaux Corp. foreman agrees to repair and correct.

Man came into the station to report going to his property on Shirley St. and finding people living there. Also had paper work from Malden District Court regarding his request for a preliminary injunction which was allowed on Sept. 23. No one is supposed to be renting out his property to others as they have not been paying the mortgage. Officers request check on property and requests Board of Health and Homeland Security to make an inspection of the property.

Caller reports there is a person on Shore Drive with asthma having difficulty breathing.

Female caller requests medical for her husband who is having trouble breathing at the PPYC.

Wednesday, November 2

Officer reports stopping motor vehicle. Operator stated that his GPS sent him to that area at which time he began to strike himself in the facial area. Officer requesting medical to evaluate. WFD and ambulance notified. Male voluntarily went to the hospital. Officer gave verbal on the traffic offense. Vehicle was in a legal parking space and secured for the evening.

Caller reports hearing males yelling obscenities from the apartment below on Irwin St.

Officers report loud television being shut off for the night.

Caller reports loud music in apartment above hers on Shirley St. Units report ongoing dispute between neighbors. Reports music not at an unreasonable volume.

Visiting nurse reports finding female patient on the floor of her apartment on Kennedy Drive. Officer Crisafi confirms unattended death. ME notified.

Owner of house on Revere St. called to say a tenant was to be out on November 1. The tenant has not been seen and all his belongings are still in the apartment. Owner is going to put the belongings in storage. Missing Person message sent out.

Caller reports domestic on Shirley St. Units report placing one under arrest for domestic assault and battery.

Call of an alarm on second floor area on Upland Rd. Officers report building is secure.

Caller reports suspicious males that appear to be photographing the airport and incoming flights. W-91 reports speaking to one male who is a tourist from Ireland and was taking pictures of the skyline.

Teacher reports her rear windshield smashed and front right tire punctured during school day at Winthrop High. Officer Perrin reports school video camera may have caught act.

Caller called to report some type of disturbance or possible fight going on behind his building at Fort Heath Apts. The noise woke him up.

Resident reports a large truck parked opposite her home on Franklin St. with the lights out but with the engine running. It is very loud. Spoke to operator who is making a delivery on Main St. and was told he could park in the school lot for the night. Officers told him to relocate to the Public Landing.

Thursday, November 3

Male caller requesting medical assistance on Shore Dr. WFD and ambulance notified.

Caller reports elderly male may be having a stroke at the Hi-Tide Restaurant. Units report 84 year old male transported to Whidden.

Driver received $100 for cab fare on Irwin St. which turned out to be counterfeit.

Party called to report that she received numerous calls in the past few days from a customer at Shear Delight. The party reported that she called her back to inquire about the calls and she was met with abusive language. She is canceling the appointment and wanted this on record in case she comes to their shop.

Principal’s office reports a 7 year old female student was never picked up by her parents at the Gorman School. There was an early release that day. Attempted to contact parents to no avail. School called back to report mother had already arrived at school and took child back.

Officer Crisafi following up on counterfeit currency at the Citizen’s Bank.

Delivery driver reports a 30-pack of Bud light had just been stolen from the sidewalk at Demetri Liquors. Reports of a maroon SUV leaving the scene.

Party reports someone is calling her by phone and trying to scam her to send a check. She was advised not to send any funds to anyone and to contact Winthrop Police if there is further contact.

Female came to the station to request an officer to keep the peace while she goes to get some clothes and personal items for her foster son whose family lives there. W-93 responded to assist.

Call came in to request a check on a five year old child as they had received a call from a clinician who was concerned that the mother may be under the influence. Officer had to force entry to check on child. Fire notified to respond. One female transported and child was brought to the station.

Someone called to report a friend of his on Mermaid Ave. is going through a divorce and has received three unsolicited packages in the mail. She was given the number for the postal police and she spoke with an officer.

Officers responded and spoke with parties there regarding three recent breaks to motor vehicles on Summit Ave. and the thefts from within the motor vehicle. Officers recovered stolen items and will seek complaints against a juvenile.

Reports two males were seen wearing black hoodies  and masks on Winthrop St. They had their faces painted and were ducking down behind cars.

Friday, November 4

Caller reports 18 year old is out of control and possibly drunk on Revere St. Officers report verbal between mother and son. Son agreed to leave and was not drunk. Mother advised about 209A. Son was informed if he needed something from the apartment later to call the station to have a police escort.

Party reporting a fire on the first floor of a house on Pauline St. Caller advised to evacuate any occupants. WFD notified.

Detail officer reports receiving a report of an outside fire on Beach Rd. WFD notified.

Party reports the view is obstructed by the barrier left on the sidewalk on Jefferson St. Officer spoke with contractor and advised him to move the dumpster and the partition that was blocking the view of motorists.

Party reports a Verizon truck is obstructing the street on Lowell Rd.

Customer exiting the drive-through at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street reports a MIG truck parked obstructing the area. 91 had vehicle moved.

Party came in to report being harassed by her ex-boyfriend. Officer advised her of her 209A rights.

Father reports some guys were bothering his daughter. Officer reports speaking with parents of all involved. Officer Crisafi will be notified to keep an eye on the situation while in school.

Van driver reports he has locked his keys in the motor vehicle and it is blocking the public way on Siren St. Advised to contact his office to authorize a specific tow. They have contacted Expert auto who will open the lock.

Party reports her autistic son is acting up. Officers responded and report speaking with him and eventually calming him down.

Male reports his wife got home and found the door ajar on Cliff Ave.  Officers report the apartment was not forced open. No signs of a break-in. Possibly left open by the tenant.

Caller states she wants her son out of her house on Court Rd. Son is leaving for the night.

Alarm company called to report alarm activation at Sound Systems. W92 dispatched and owner is also responding. Alarm company was notified of the power outage that is going on in the town. Alarm was accidental due to the power outage.

Saturday, November 5

Party called to report his child’s mother called him and stated she will not be available to drop off the child for a visit with him once again. He would like this noted in the log.

Someone called to report a catch basin cover missing on Buchanan St. Calla notified and reports placing two cones around it for public safety.

Party reports the sewer grate is completely missing from street on Cliff Ave. Officer reports the sewer grate is missing and cones were put around it. DPW director was notified.

Someone called to report his elderly mother is having difficulty breathing on Willow Ave. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Party reports he blew out two tires on the temporary waterline sticking out on Bellevue Ave. W92 reports front and rear passenger side tires blown. Party advised to file a claim through the DPW on Monday.

Female reports the locked mail box was pried open and a $100 money order was removed. Officer spoke to the caller who needs to determine if the money order was actually sent and advised to follow up with the Postal Police.

Caller states that he and the neighboring businesses are getting water in the basement on Woodside Ave. Some businesses are unable to use their bathrooms. DPW director notified.

Security guard reports an underage driver operating around property on Governors Drive. The driver is said to be unlicensed and is approximately 15 years old.

Party called to report a young boy wearing a mask rang her doorbell on Triton Ave. and then took off running. Unit 93 spoke to a group of kids and their parents.

Caller states neighboring youths on Buckthorn Ter. having a loud party in garage. Units report group dispersed upon their arrival.

Person came to the station to report a third party violation of a restraining order. Investigation revealed that the subject had not yet been served by the Boston PD.

Callers reports approximately a dozen kids drinking on Franklin St. Units respond and report about six individuals and no sign of alcohol. Group dispersed.

Sunday, November 6

Caller states his neighbor beneath him on Governors Dr. is playing loud music. Spoke with both parties and resolved the matter.

Some called to report of a black jeep going down the street on Orlando Ave. in the wrong way. It is now parked there in the wrong direction. The driver was making a delivery for Spinelli’s and was unfamiliar with the street.

Just Energy came to the station with a list of agents with whom he will be going door to door with in the Pleasant St. area. The purpose is to allow electric customers to choose their own supplier of possibly green energy to National Grid.

Party reports he believes someone smashed his driver’s side tail light while he was parked on Jefferson St.

Counterfeit money passed on Revere St.

Caller reports her tenant called her to report the first floor apartment was open and the light were on on Shore Dr. The place is supposed to be vacant. Nothing appears to be damaged or taken. Units to BOLO.

Someone on Summit Ave. reports receiving threatening phone calls. Calling party wanted it logged because he is going to court in the morning to obtain a restraining order.

Party reports her mother fell and may need medical assistance. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

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