A Strong Appointment: Naming Lisa Howard as Assistant Superintendent of Schools is a Good Move

We welcome the opportunity to congratulate Lisa Gill Howard on her appointment as the Assistant Superintendent of the Winthrop public schools, thus becoming the second in command in our school district.

In her current role as Director of Pupil Personnel Services (she will continue to serve in that capacity), Howard has been involved in many aspects of the day-to-day functions of the schools, ensuring that every student receives the maximum educational experience. What the prestigious title of Assistant Superintendent of schools does is give Howard a platform from which to officially join Superintendent of Schools John Macero in the administration of the schools. If Macero happens to be at a conference out of town or cannot attend a school function or athletic event, Howard can be the “official” representative of the school system. The fact that Howard will continue to work in an office at the high school means she can serve as a resource and direct liaison to the superintendent for faculty and staff at the high school.

Howard has certainly earned this promotion. She has been a valuable and dedicated administrator in the town and has seen first hand the excellence that can be achieved by our graduates. We personally are proud of Lisa Howard because we have seen her personal and athletic growth from the time she was a superb second baseman  for a state champion Winthrop High softball team to her days at Boston College, one of the nation’s elite institutions, where she became a Division 1 college athlete.  Lisa Howard has remained a resident of our town and she and her husband have raised their children here. We have always found Lisa Howard to be humble, personable, and accessible and we wish her the best in her very important role of helping John Macero set the course for the years to come for Winthrop students.

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