A Step Forward: Consolidation is a Positive Move

The vote of the Town Council and School Committee to move the town manager’s consolidation plan forward should usher in a new era for town government in its delivery of services to our residents. The consolidation of the finance departments of the town and the schools, the addition of an auditor, and the change in structure of the building & grounds and information technology departments is a proposal that will result in savings and better efficiency for the town.

Town Council President Jeffrey Turco first brought forward the idea of consolidation during his campaign two years ago and he has worked with Town Manager James McKenna  to make it become a reality.

If the consolidation plan results in the promotion of Mike Bertino to Chief Financial Officer and Michelle Karas to Assistant Chief Financial Officer as has been outlined in the past, it will be a great thing for the administration of town financial matters. The team of Bertino and Karas, along with the leadership of Manager McKenna and President Turco, has guided this town through some tough financial times (recall that at only recently it appeared as though the town might have to close the public library and the senior center). They have brought stability to our town’s fiscal matters.

Winthrop appears to be heading in the right direction with a well thought-out consolidation plan. Its implementation will be watched closely and with hopefulness.

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