A Car-load of Discoveries: More Than $1,500 in Cash Seized with Marijuana, Cocaine and LSD

Drug suspect Jairo Acevedo is shown in his booking mug shot.

A patrol officer checking parked cars on Veterans Road early Tuesday morning, ended up arresting a 24-year old Nevada Street man on an outstanding warrant and several other drug charges, after finding the man sitting alone in his parked car at about 2:18 a.m.

Jairo Acevedo, 24, of 35 Nevada Street in Winthrop was interviewed by the patrol officer, who came upon him during his patrol. A quick background check by the officer turned up the outstanding warrant and Acevedo was taken into custody.

However, during a routine inventory search of Acevedo’s vehicle before it could be towed, the officer found marijuana, a powdery substance believed to be cocaine, several tabs of a substance believed to be LSD and more than $1,500 in cash in a yellow legal type envelope.

The car was towed and inventoried by police and Acevedo was eventually charged with the warrant charge, one count each of distribution of a class D drug, possession of a class D drug, and distribution of a class B drug and two counts each of possession of a class B drug and drug violations near a school or park.

“The arresting officer did a terrific job in handling the situation, from the initial interview of the suspect to the background check and to eventually conducting the inventory search, which really is what allowed the other charges to be filed,” said Chief Delehanty. “This was by the book police work and that is what we expect from all of our officers on patrol.”

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