Thank You, Belle: Businesswoman is One of a Kind

Belle Liberman has been as familiar a face to longtime Winthrop residents as any person in our community for the past 60 years. Belle was a long time businesswoman who served on the Chamber of Commerce for decades, and was responsible for the holiday lighting program since 1984.

Belle was a 1938 graduate of Winthrop High School who got her start in the business world selling jewelry. She worked for many years with Evangeline Lippincott at the Little Shop and eventually purchased the Little Shop in 1972, changing the name to Belle’s Feminine Fashions.  She has been extremely active with the Chamber, including taking on the responsibility of holiday lighting in 1984.  Belle is the longest consecutively serving member of the Board and has been Vice President on four different occasions.  Even though retiring from the Board, Belle still plans on staying involved with the Chamber.

Although Belle first and foremost was a businesswoman, she also is someone who truly has cared about the town of Winthrop for her entire life. She has been a driving force of many of the Chamber’s initiatives that have benefited our community. To thank her for her many years of service, the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce is holding a reception on Tuesday, July 12, from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at La Siesta Restaurante, 70 Woodside Ave.  All are welcome.

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