Parade and Fireworks Highlight July 4th Events

The town of Winthrop’s annual Independence Day celebrations are scheduled to take place Monday, July 4. The annual Horribles Parade, led by the volunteers from the Point Shirley Association are set to step off from the Public Landing at 9 a.m. Monday morning and veteran fireworks organizer Lou Camacho and his band of volunteers will be ready to light up the night sky beginning at sunset on Monday evening.

Following the parade, which travels down Shirley Street to the Point Shirley Association building, participants will head to Coughlin Park, where children can participate in games and contests and prizes will be awarded.

Throughout the day on Monday Winthrop Police will be attempting to manage traffic and parking issues, as well as the public drinking and intoxication that can occasionally occur, in an effort to minimize problems when the sun starts to set and fireworks watchers start trying to get a good spot for the evening’s main event.

“We are preparing to put into place our plans for parking control and traffic management, as we have done in years past and we are warning residents and their visitors that local laws and ordinances with respect to public disturbances and drinking will be strenuously enforced,” explained Chief Terence Delehanty.

Delehanty noted that this year’s policing efforts will be further complicated by the fact the holiday takes place on a Monday, which means that he will not only be ramping up police coverage for the holiday, but for the entire preceding weekend as well.

“It’s an issue we are aware of and are preparing for, but the truth is that we will be forced to have additional officers on duty all weekend to ensure the safety and the peace throughout the town,” said Chief Delehanty.

Point Shirley will be closed to vehicular traffic beginning at 6 p.m. on Monday and will remain closed to traffic until after the fireworks display is over.

“Additionally, there will be no parking on the west side of Shirley Street from Bayview Ave. to Siren Street. There will be signs posted,” added Delehanty.

All motor vehicles parked on Point Shirley streets should be parked facing in the directions that they will be required to move, once the streets are opened again following the fireworks.

In addition to the traffic restrictions, revelers are being cautioned not to start any outdoor bonfires, especially on the beach, as there will not be any sanctioned bonfire this year.

“All residents hosting parties are asked to have their guests arrive early and park off the street or in parking lots to help ease congestion on the roadways,” added Delehanty.

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