Enjoy the Holiday: Fourth of July Memories will Last a Lifetime

Celebrating the Fourth of July in Winthrop has been a family tradition for generations. Friends and relatives return from all over the country to visit every year, looking forward to the Pt. Shirley Horribles Parade, the games and contests at Coughlin Park, and the harbor fireworks display that make the Fourth a fun filled holiday for all of us. And in addition to those events, there are the natural attractions of our beaches and boating activities that make for a fun filled weekend.

We wish to thank the committee members of the Point Shirley Association who bring us a wonderful Fourth of July year in and year out. Without their efforts, the happy memories that are etched in the minds of our children (and ourselves) that will last a lifetime never would happen.

We also wish to thank fireworks grandmaster Lou Camacho and his band of men who will be lighting up the harbor sky with what surely will be a thoroughly enjoyable fireworks display for onlookers of all ages.

Lastly, we urge all of our readers to be in good spirits and a peaceful frame of mind for the festivities. The holiday events will bring the  usual influx of visitors to our community, with the resulting traffic and other congestion. Our local police will be out in force to make sure that everything runs smoothly, but the biggest contribution any of us can make to ensure a safe and appropriate holiday celebration is to be fully cooperative, both with the police and our fellow citizens.

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