Residents Plan a Benefit for Victims of Lightning Strike

By Joseph Domelowicz

For the Transcript

As often happens when tragedy strikes, Winthrop resident John Floyd and his family were front page news in February after a rare winter lightning strike set the family’s 120 year-old Hillside Avenue house on fire, which caused total destruction of the third floor of that home.

Since then Floyd, his wife and four children who have been displaced by the fire are doing their best to deal with the fallout of that night.

But on Saturday, May 7, friends and family of John and his family will get together at the Winthrop of Lodge of Elks, in a fundraising effort to help the family through this difficult time.

“We know that they have insurance, but insurance doesn’t cover everything and John has done a lot to help other people out in this town over the years, so we want to help them out now,” said event organizer Steve Feeney.

The May 7 fundraiser will feature food, entertainment and raffles, but tickets are limited because of the size of the Elks’ function hall, and according to Feeney the event is almost sold out already – a testament to the number of friends and well-wishers of the Floyd family.

“I’ve only got about five tables left to sell and tickets for three of those are out right now,” added Feeney. “I’d hate to have to turn anyone away, but we really are working with a limited number of seats available. If people still want to buy tickets, they should get them very fast.”

John Floyd who is a member of the Winthrop Elks Lodge and is a past Exalted Ruler of the lodge, has also given of his time over the years to help with the Winthrop Food Pantry and Youth Hockey, among other charitable works.

Feeney said that other folks who do not wish to attend the event or are not able to buy tickets can still help out the Floyd family, but sending a small donation to the Lodge of Elks, or by contacting him directly at 617-846-2646.

Floyd, his wife and two of their four children were at home watching television on the night of Friday, February 4, when lightning struck the third floor roof and immediately set the house ablaze.

Acting quickly, he was able to get the family out of the house and the Winthrop Fire Department responded to the home on Hillside Avenue within two minutes. But extensive fire and water damage displaced the family that very night.