Dancing Without the Stars: WSPA Party Stresses Fun, Participation

By Joseph Domelowicz

For the Transcript

The Winthrop School of Performing Arts has begun a new type of open adult dance class on Monday nights, designed to encourage participants to learn how to dance, have some fun and burn off some energy, all without the commitment of signing up for regular dance classes.

‘Dance Party with Jaime’ seeks to build on the School’s success with its Zumba classes and engages it participants in a once a week opportunity to learn a new dance for just $8 per person.

“Each week we learn a new routine and that way the people who come down don’t have to feel that if they miss a week they’ll be behind,” explained Jaime Montesaro, the class teacher and daughter of WSPA owner Trudy Macero. “It’s an open course so people can come in whenever they want, but there is a discount for people who pay for ten lessons at a time.”

Montesaro said the course uses themes each week, such as 80’s dance, Broadway musicals, movies and others to develop the choreography for each week.

“We do it under party lights with the disco ball and colored lights, it helps make it fun,” laughed Montesaro. “I actually started doing this under the radar with some of the students from the Zumba classes about five or six months ago and we just decided to offer it out as a course in general to let people know what kinds of courses and programs we offer.”

Montesaro said the first week of the course, this past Monday night, went well with ten students coming down to learn a movie themed dance.

“It’s a great way to get a way from the stress of life for a little while and have some fun and get in a workout while you do it,” she said. “I know I work up a sweat when we do this.”

Dance Party with Jaime is offered each Monday night from 6:15 to 7 p.m., except during school vacation weeks at the Winthrop School of Performing Arts, now located on the third floor of the E.B. Newton School building on Pauline Street.

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