Council President – Jeffrey Turco has guided Town through a Turbulent Year

The decision by Town Council President Jeffrey Turco that he will be a candidate for re-election (as affirmed in the story in this week’s Sun-Transcript) does not surprise those who have followed the Council meetings and witnessed the energy and professionalism that he brings to each meeting. Turco was given a clear mandate when he won the right to succeed Thomas Reilly as leader of the nine-member council and though some of his decisions haven’t sat well with some, it’s clear that he enjoys the job and that he has the well-being of the town as his guiding force.

The president of the Council wields a lot of power under our relatively new form of town government. Turco has learned the enormous responsibilities that go with the position. While other candidates have been rumored to be considering a run for the town’s most powerful elected position (and Turco himself feels it’s good for the process to have a dialogue), it can be said that the current president has worked hard in his first year in office and wants to continue his service to the town.

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