WPD Cautions Residents, Businesses to Comply with Snow Removal By-law

-By Joseph Domelowicz

For the Transcript

As town emergency and public safety workers prepared for th enext bug snowstorm of the season on Tuesday evening, Winthrop Police Chief Terrence Delehanty said that local police will be ticketing residents and businesses alike, for failure to comply with the town’s snow and ice removal by-law (see ordinance above).

“This has been a big issue for the Town Council during the last few meetings since our first snow storm after Christmas,” explained Delehanty. “Our officers have been reminding residents and businessman over the past few days that we will be enforcing the by-law during the next snow fall.”

The snow and ice removal by-law, which is designed to promote the public safety by ensuring a safe path for pedestrians on sidewalks, so that they are not forced to walk in the streets,  provides that first offenses shall be fined $25, second offenses receive a $50 fine and third and subsequent offenses receive a $100 fine, if snow and ice is allowed to remain untreated on a sidewalk for more than six hours between sunrise and sunset.

The by-law also states that people clearing paths on sidewalks or in their driveways shall not cause snow or ice to be thrown into the street or any other public way.

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