It’s About Time – Teachers, town close in on a new deal

We understand a tentative agreement has been reached between the town and the Winthrop Teachers Union on a new contract. The teachers reportedly were planning to meet to ratify the new agreement as the Sun Transcript was going to press.

We know we join with all concerned parties in expressing our relief that this long stalemate has ended. We applaud both sides for coming to an agreement. The dispute was starting to take away from the great work that our teachers do on a daily basis in the classroom and the extra things they do, such as writing college recommendations and being a part of their students’ non academic experience beyond the school halls.

Every year Winthrop students go on to the best colleges in the country thanks to how our teachers prepare them from the moment they enter the school system in elementary school to the time they receive their high school diplomas. We’re blessed to have dedicated teachers in our schools and we’re glad that the town has reached an agreement with the teachers.

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