Two More Things… A good vote for local office holders

Although Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo was unopposed, his complimentary vote of 5,003 votes of the 6,728 people who cast ballots in the election (representing a turnout of approximately 60 percent) was a testament to the strong support Bob enjoys in his hometown.

Further, in our view, the fact that so many voters checked off Bob’s name, even though he did not have an opponent, shows that local residents do not merely support Bob DeLeo politically, but that they also have a great deal of positive, personal feelings and affection for a man who was born and raised in our town and who has made us so proud of his accomplishments.

It also should be mentioned that State Sen. Anthony Petruccelli had a nice show of support here with his convincing 4,276-2077 victory over Republican challenger Frank J. Addivinola Jr.

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