A Good Move Relocation of Parks and Rec. makes sense

Sometimes a change in location is good, and that appears to be the case with the Parks and Recreation Department’s move from its long-time headquarters at the E.B. Newton School to its new home at the Winthrop Middle School.

Sean Driscoll, director of the Parks and Recreation Department, has welcomed the change and feels it’s a great location, a sentiment also expressed by Town Manager James McKenna.

The new spot provides a connection to the many Middle School students who participate in after-school programs hosted by Parks and Rec. Driscoll also likes having the idea of the new headquarters overlooking Ingleside Park and being adjacent to Larsen Rink.

We’re sure that the many parents of children who participate in Parks and Rec programs will like the new headquarters once the refurbishment is done to the interior, the new windows are installed, and all the furniture is moved in.

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