Hight Marks For James McKenna – Town Manager has been a deft leader

May our schoolchildren get as good a year-end report card as Town Manager James McKenna received from the Town Council Tuesday night.

Town Councillor Paul Varrone of the Town Manager Review Committee announced the town manager performance evaluations from the Council and it was heartening to hear adjectives such as, “great job….excellent…and outstanding” about Mr. McKenna’s overall job performance.

It’s clear that the councillors feel very good about having Mr. McKenna running the day-to-day operations of the town as evidenced by his stellar job performance ratings in his first year as town manager.

So too, past Council President Thomas Reilly and the town manager selection committee, who worked hard to pare down the list of candidates before finally selecting Mr. McKenna as town manager, must be feeling proud of their choice for this difficult job.

Interim Town Manager Larry Holmes stepped up when the town needed someone to steer the ship and Mr. McKenna has kept the momentum going and has things heading in the right direction. He truly has been the right person at the right time to lead this town through trying times.

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