He Gave It His All – Superintendent Jenkins worked under difficult financial conditions

Those are certainly some interesting comments in a Sun-Transcript interview by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Steve Jenkins, who has announced that he will be stepping down after six years at the helm of the Winthrop schools on December 31, 2010.

One thing that comes across very clearly is that Dr. Jenkins genuinely loves the town of Winthrop and he affirms that by saying he intends to remain a resident here after his tenure as superintendent comes to an end in four months.

What we have always felt and what Winthrop residents will agree upon is that Dr. Steve Jenkins tried his best every day to give each student in Winthrop the best educational experience possible despite the dire financial restraints of the school budget. He was a highly visible superintendent who enjoyed his job and was a regular spectator at academic and athletic events.

Sure, he has had his critics, but almost all people in powerful and influential positions of leadership do (especially a superintendent of schools). However, Winthrop residents realize that the town has been the beneficiary of Dr. Jenkins’s wisdom and experience from the moment he made the decision six years ago to accept the job and eventually make Winthrop his place of residence

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