Summer League entries endure the heat

The “dog days of summer” really took their toll when Winthrop Summer League teams needed their extra guys to play those extra minutes.

Just as Lebron, Dwight, and Bosh were being highlighted, the Cavaliers’ owner looked perplexed. We still have Pierce, Rhondo, Garnett and our three-point shooter to keep up our hopes. Did Celtic lovers see the “clinic” of a game in the playoffs? Ray Allen is a key piece to keep the Celtics’ engine going.

Let’s hear it for the Mondos who still have the longest tenure and are still the “B” reigning champs. RPM looks like they have enough talent to hang with the big dogs. Chalifoux is a contender because of their size and the fact that they use ten players. This team can scoot up and down the court with anybody. The Llamas are the fan favorites and could be dangerous if all players are on board. High School I show promise for the upcoming season and have the talent to compete. High School II can shoot and are quick… they need chemistry.

The Brown Club is a mainstay and fun to watch. The Sax Club has a team that defends and can flat out play. The Griffin Team can put up points with the best of them. The 617 Club is a team that is definitely in the mix. The Petrucelli Club has had a bumpy ride but don’t be surprised when they make a run. Santarpios has a fight team and know the game. Vandelay Imports need more bodies and could be a surprise. The Williams Team got “off the snide” and could be a dangerous team down the stretch. The Fucillo Club needs point-play and a shooter.

The NCAA “one and out” format will be utilized when July turns to August. It seems that 8:15 games may be necessary, depending on rainouts. Bikes need to be stashed so that referees can do their jobs. Players who enjoy playing the games need to be vigil and try to keep up the courts.

See you ‘round the rim. Keep chucking them up from the cheap seats!

– From the commissioners’ desk

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