Great Police Work – Quick action averts a possible tragedy, gets a gun off the streets

We did not have the time last week, but we did not want to let it pass without mentioning the outstanding work by our Winthrop police officers in apprehending two out of town men who allegedly were responsible for firing three shots from a .44 magnum handgun in the area of Cliff Ave.

The officers who were on duty for that shift responded swiftly and efficiently to arrest the two subjects before they could escape in their vehicle. Moreover, given the information that the officers had about a handgun, they knew that they were amidst a potentially dangerous situation. However, they handled the matter with extraordinarily sound judgment to bring it to a peaceful resolution.

This was just another example of the high degree of professionalism with which our officers go about their business on a daily basis. It lets all of us sleep well at night knowing that we have such excellent providers of public safety in our community.

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