A Great Celebration – Horribles Parade, fireworks were perfect

There are very few traditions these days that are “real” traditions. Although it is difficult to ascribe a number of years to what we mean by a “real” tradition, it is safe to say that the Fourth of July celebration on Pt. Shirley with the Horribles Parade and fireworks in the evening fits the bill.

When events such as these take place year after year (references to the Horribles Parade and fireworks on the Point go back 100 years in this week’s The More Things Change column) it is all too easy to take them for granted.

However, there is a lot of hard work and planning by the dedicated members of the committees who organize these events. Moreover, it seems that year after year, the committees outdo themselves and provide an even better event than the year before.

Indeed, the best evidence that the Fourth of July on Pt. Shirley is the best of its kind is that not only do residents stay here to partake of the festivities, but that hundreds of friends and relatives make the trek to the Point every year to “make a day of it” for themselves and their families.

So to Lou Camacho and his fireworks committee and the wonderful folks who put together the Horribles Parade and post-parade activities, we once again express our appreciation for a job well done. Thy have created memories for yet another generation of youngsters, just as previous committees did for us when we were young (about 10 years old) and won a prize (about 45 years ago!) in the Most Patriotic category for our re-creation of the famous flag, fife, and drum Revolutionary War era painting.

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