Town’s 107th Strawberry Festival set for June 22

The Winthrop Improvement and Historical’s annual Strawberry Festival will be held on the grounds of the Deane Winthrop House on Tuesday, June 22 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 and are available at many businesses around town along with the Library and the Senior Center.

For those residents who have never been to either the Deane Winthrop House and/or the Strawberry Festival, let this be the year to start. In addition to the freshly made strawberry shortcake, coffee, tea and lemonade, each ticket provides a tour of the historic Deane Winthrop House.

We are especially delighted this year to have two marvelous, albeit distinctly different, pieces of art that have been donated by local artists for individual raffles. One is an acrylic piece done by Alice Harrison. Alice only began painting back in 2000 when she and her husband Bob “semi-retired” to Florida. Once she got started, it became apparent that she had a great deal of talent and, voila, a new career was born. Despite losing vision in one eye, she continues to produce beautiful pieces of art. Her picture is a still life of flowers.

Frank Costantino, another Winthropite, is widely known as both an architect and a water-colorist. His work has been featured on many U.S. postage stamps, a feat of no small accomplishment. Their requirements and criteria are both imposing and demanding. Frank has offered us a signed & numbered print (47 of 300) of his watercolor painting of the Deane Winthrop House, Barn & 100th Strawberry Festival that is simply outstanding.

There will be many other raffles and musical entertainment, too. Please don’t let another year go by without attending or, if you’ve come before, please come back!

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