Police escort – Woman arrested as part of undercover sting

Winthrop police working with members of the United States Secret Service office in a patrol/detectives operation arrested a Winthrop woman Monday afternoon on charges of sexual conduct for a fee, following a day’s long operation utilizing Officer Tim Callinan under the supervision of Detective Lieutenant Brian Perrin and Secret Service agents.

According to police reports, Winthrop resident Stephanie Alfaro, 31, of 281 River Road Apartment 1, was arrested and charged after Officer Callinan, who was working undercover at the time, paid Alfaro a sum of $200 for a sex act in the suspects’ bedroom.

Callinan alleged in his report that Alfaro had advertised her “services” on the website Craigslist and that after making initial contact with her through the use of a “pay as you go” cell phone, he arranged a “date” with Alfaro and agreed to pay her the $200 that she’d requested.

The investigation and subsequent arrest came just days after a collection of state attorney’s general from around the country called on the popular website clearing house to do more to shut down to monitor its ‘adult services’ advertisements and help put a stop to internet prostitution.

“This arrest was the culmination of a lot of hard work put in on a joint investigation by the Winthrop Patrol and Detectives divisions, with assistance from the Secret Service, to stop this kind of illicit activity in our town,” said Winthrop Police Chief Terrence Delehanty. “Officer Callinan and Detective Lieutenant Brian Perrin, who supervised the investigation worked very hard on the case and were able to successfully bring it to a conclusion.”

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