Week Argument – Verbal exchange between Turco and McKenna caught some by surprise

The verbal exchange between Town Council President Jeffrey Turco and Town Manager James McKenna concerning Mr. Turco’s motion to consider having Town Hall open for business on Fridays caught some observers by surprise.

Mr. McKenna indicated that he would like to survey the town department heads at Town Hall to see how they feel about returning to a Monday-Friday schedule. But Mr. Turco was quick to suggest that the only survey that matters is the one by the people of Winthrop, who would like to have Town Hall open for business on Fridays.

Turco said that during his campaign for the presidency of the council, many residents asked him about having Town Hall open on Fridays. Turco has a strong mandate from the people, having won his election over two worthy challengers by a decisive margin.

There may be a compromise plan about whether to open Town Hall on Fridays. Councillor Paul Varone suggested maybe opening Town Hall for evening hours during the week and maybe every other Friday.

Stay tuned.

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