Nice Work, Chief – Delehanty secures a generous grant

Police Chief Terence Delehanty proudly announced at the Council meeting that his department was able to obtain a $45,000 grant to help persons involved with domestic violence issues. The Police Department has been very active in seeking grants and this award will allow the department to work on the issue of domestic violence and provide additional follow-up to the cases. Delehanty said that the department may bring in some civilian counselors as a result of the grant.

Seeing the success of the chief in securing a very important grant, it adds credence to former Selectman Dick Dimes’s suggestion Tuesday night that the town seriously consider hiring a grant writer. (Dick also suggested hiring a town planner as well, but that’s another matter).

Congratulations to Chief Delehanty for obtaining the grant. We know it will be put to good use to assist those involved in domestic violence situations.

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