An Inevitability – The realities of regionalization

The topic of regionalization of services among area cities and towns took center stage in Winthrop this week when House Speaker Robert DeLeo came to Town Hall for a press conference to announce funds for a study to look into the feasibility of regionalization of municipal services for Winthrop, Revere, and Chelsea.

Regionalization efforts are being considered in order to help the communities share resources and thus lower expenses for certain functions. Speaker DeLeo has the support of the leaders of all three communities, including Winthrop Town Manager James McKenna in this endeavor, which will fall under the umbrella of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council.

Although the concept of regionalization has its strong proponents, there are sure to be dissenters along the way. However, there does appear to be a consensus that savings can be found by regionalizing public health, veterans services, public works, and libraries, all of which were outlined by Speaker DeLeo’s office in a press release on the matter.

The unfortunate fiscal reality facing state government, and by extension, the cities and towns, is that things are worse than they were during the Great Depression and will continue to be dire for the foreseeable future.

We support the study and applaud Speaker DeLeo for enabling the first step in the process toward regionalization to get underway. We would add that having the House Speaker leading the way is a very good sign for Winthrop and one that says to us that Speaker DeLeo will make it happen for the benefit of Winthrop, Revere, and Chelsea.

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