Let’s Go Winthrop! – Support the Vikings hoop team

As the Sun-Transcript was going to press, the Winthrop boys basketball team was preparing for a State Tournament semifinal game against Manchester-Essex Wednesday night.

A win over Manchester would set up an encounter with New Mission High of Boston (providing it advances with a victory) that everyone has been anticipating since the tourney pairings were announced two weeks ago.

We’re hoping that coach David Brown can lead his squad to a victory over Manchester-Essex and that New Mission also prevails in its semifinal so that fans can see two of the best teams in the state finally meet with a trip to the Boston Garden at stake.

Winthrop fans have been turning out in droves to support the basketball team and our hockey team, which unfortunately lost a tough one to Peabody Monday night.

The State Tournament, or the Big Dance as NCAA March Madness is often called, brings out incredible excitement as teams pursue state championships and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Here’s hoping that the Viking hoopmen can bring their dream to Causeway Street next week.

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