WPD arrests three on gun charges

Winthrop detectives conducting surveillance operations in the Shirley Street area on January 14, wound up arresting three men on unlawful possession of a firearms charges, after observations made by the detectives resulted in a stop of the motor vehicle they were driving in.

The three men arrested were William Albright, 38, of Saugus, Christopher Fanara, 29, of Salisbury, and Leo Cunningham, 44 of Everett. All were charged with unlawful possession of a firearm.

According to Chief Terrence Delehanty, the men were arrested after Detectives Robert Jaworski and Judy Racow observed the three men acting suspiciously on Trident Street in Winthrop.

“This was just good police work,” said Chief Delehanty. “We had the detectives down there conducting surveillance, because we’ve had some problems in that area, including several recent residential breaks.”

According to Delehanty, the vehicle the suspects were driving had a Florida registration (FL 289XRE), which came back as an Enterprise Rental car.

“As the Detectives approached the vehicle they observed a firearm on the rear floor. The firearm was a black 9 mm handgun, and the three individuals were placed under arrest,” reported Chief Delehanty. “A black ski mask was also recovered from one of the occupants and a GARMIN nuvi GPS system.”

Delehanty said the investigation into the three men is continuing, including what they were doing in Winthrop, and the Winthrop Police Department has shared information about the arrest, with police departments in other neighboring communities as well.

Precinct One Community Meeting

The Winthrop Police also announced on Tuesday, that a community meeting for the residents of Precinct One is being planned for Wednesday, February 3, 2010. The plan is for the meeting to be held at the Joseph Harvey Hearing Room in Town Hall in the evening hours.

Chief Delehanty, noted that the meeting will continue a series of community meeting with residents that the police department began shortly after he was named interim Chief last year.

“We’ve been trying to get another community meeting scheduled for some time, but we kept running into problems with schedule conflicts,” said Delehanty. “These meetings are very helpful for us in determining what the trouble spots around town are, but we believe they also provide the public with a great opportunity to talk to our officers and detectives about what problems they have in the neighborhoods.”

As of Tuesday evening, the Winthrop Police were waiting for confirmation that the Harvey room would be available for the February 3 meeting, which new Council President Jeff Turco is planning to attend.

Look for further announcements in the Sun Transcript and on WCAT prior to February 3.

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