A Busy School Calendar – WHS accreditation tops the agenda

The Winthrop School Committee will hold its first formal meeting of the new year tonight (Thursday) as the committee undertakes what certainly shapes us as a very busy and significant 2010 for the School Department and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Steve Jenkins.

At the top of the school docket is the high school’s quest for accreditation and the School Department’s preparation for that process. Major renovation plans for the high school are being discussed and the accessibility issue for physically challenged individuals must be addressed.

The School Department will need the support of the town as it seeks to provide the best educational experience possible for students in all grades. In these difficult financial times, it hasn’t been easy finding the resources to keep the Winthrop schools functioning at their maximum potential, but the combination of some creativity by Dr. Jenkins and a dedicated administrative staff and faculty at the schools has continued to provide students with an excellent and productive learning environment.

However, there is only so much that creative thinking and hard work can accomplish; they alone will not obtain accreditation for Winthrop High or maintain an acceptable teacher/student ratio. At some point, the rest of the town must realize that these matters will require a major commitment of tax dollars. We urge all townspeople to stay on top of these developments as the year progresses so that when the time comes, all of us will be able to make an informed decision as to the right course of action.

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