MWRA: Slow those trucks! MWRA must take action to curb public safety threat

Readers of this week’s police blotter will notice that under the direction of new Police Chief Terence Delehanty, the Winthrop Police have begun handing out hefty fines to truck drivers who don’t follow the designated truck route to Deer Island.

In addition to not following the designated route, residents know fully well that these truckers regularly exceed the speed limit and don’t drive as carefully as they should be, considering our narrow, congested streets that are filled with children, bicyclists, joggers, pedestrians, etc.

From the time more than 20 years ago that the MWRA announced it would be constructing its mammoth waste treatment facility on Deer Island, everyone knew the added truck traffic would be a major problem for our town.

The police can do only so much, however. They can’t be monitoring every truck that comes across the bridge. Therefore, it is up to the MWRA to hire only those truckers who obey the rules and to fire those who do not.

Hopefully, the MWRA will address this issue before a tragedy occurs.

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