Michael Dukakis for U.S. Senator Former governor would be perfect interim choice

As this is being written, the state Legislature is about to enact legislation that would give the governor the power to name an interim U.S. senator until an election is held in January.

We fully support the measure. It is absurd to suggest that we should not have two U.S. senators, both to represent our state and to vote on important matters in the Senate. While we would agree that it was pure politics when the Legislature removed that power from Gov. Romney in 2004, two wrongs do not make a right. Further, a solid majority of Mass. voters support the measure in the polls.

One of the names mentioned as a possible interim senator is that of former Gov. Michael Dukakis. We cannot think of a better choice. Not only is Mike Dukakis attuned to the political landscape, but he would be most representative of the values held by our late senator, Ted Kennedy, especially on the important issue of health care.

We trust that Gov. Patrick would have the wisdom to name Mike Dukakis to the U.S. Senate, and we hope that the former governor would be able to find the time to accept the offer.

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