Crowley is King – Winthrop resident wins Five Sisters Swim for ninth straight year

Swimmers prepare for the start of the Five Sisters Swim Saturday in Winthrop.

Swimmers prepare for the start of the Five Sisters Swim Saturday in Winthrop.

By Cary Shuman

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On land, in the air, or by the sea, Jamie Crowley of Winthrop feels right at home.

Crowley, an airplane pilot for American Airlines, displayed his remarkable skill and endurance once again in the Point Shirley Athletic Club (PSAC) Annual Five Sisters Swim Saturday. Crowley finished in first place in the 2.4-mile swim, besting a field of 15 swimmers in a time of 58 minutes, 20 seconds. It was Crowley’s ninth year in a row in the winner’s circle.

Marblehead resident Mike Richardson-Bach, a silver medalist in rowing at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, finished second in 1:04:35, while Winthrop resident Paul Carruccio was third in 1:04:55.

The handsome, 6-foot-1-inch Crowley, a former high school football star, attributes his success at long distance swimming to his training and his genetics.

“A lot of it may have to do with the endurance training that my wife [Tara] and I do at the MIT Pool,” said Crowley, 40. “It may be in my genes, too. My cousin swims for the University of Texas and competes against Michael Phelps. My uncle was a great long distance runner for the University of Evansville. And my brother just won a triathlon last weekend.”

Crowley’s wife is also an outstanding athlete and a prolific long distance swimmer. Tara Crowley finished second in the women’s division of the 2.4-mile swim in a time of 1:11:45. Mary Phelan took top honors in 1:10:10. Michelle DeBonis, at age 10 the youngest-ever swimmer in the event, finished the 1.2-mile event in 48:23.

Jamie Crowley, who also competes in iron man triathlons with his wife, credited the Five Sisters Swim organizing committee for an outstanding effort. ‘This is the best race ever,” said Crowley. “These guys put on a great race. I’ll participate in this swim as long as they have it.”

Warren MacPhail, an organizer of the event with PSAC President Art Gray and Shane Sherwood, said the first Five Sisters Swim was held in Winthrop 15 years ago.

“Bob Sarro and Dave Cochrane started the event 15 years on a Sunday – actually there was a hurricane, but they finished the race,” said MacPhail.

Sarro competed in his 15th consecutive swim Saturday, covering the 1.2-mile course in a time of 42 minutes, 11 seconds. Sue Cochrane honored her husband Dave’s memory as a participant in the event.

Sherwood said that Massport contributed $2,000 toward this year’s event and the PSAC Fall Road Race that will be held on Sept. 12.

MacPhail thanked Town Harbormaster Chucky Famolare and his staff for insuring a safe swim in the Winthrop waters.

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  1. robert schrater
    August 29, 2009 at 12:19 am

    Hi, Was wondering how I can find more photos of the 5 sister race. The photographer took quite a few pictures. How can I find them, and ones of me also? Thanks.

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