Another summer ends – “Where did the summer go?” is a familiar lament

With the dog days of August counting down and the children (and their parents) gearing up for the start of another school year, we all have said it once, if we have said it a thousand times (as our mother would say), “Where did the summer go?”

No doubt this summer season may have seemed to fly by especially fast because we had such miserable weather through the first half. Fortunately, we have had some summer heat and wonderful beach days in August that will leave us with fond memories when we are digging out from January blizzards.

So, another summer has come and gone, bearing truth once again to the ancient Roman axiom, “Tempus fugit.” Hopefully, we all made the most of it. Life is too short and our children grow up all too quickly not to have made every day count, especially in the wonderful days of summer.

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