Maggio On The Mark – There is no replacement for solid information

Councillor Jean Maggio wants a public information session for all residents who will be affected by the upcoming sewer and main replacement that is slated to begin in mid-August on Putnam, Buchanan, Pauline, Fremont, Jefferson, and Walden Streets.

Maggio’s suggestion followed an informative slide presentation on the project by DPW Director David Hickey and Arthur Leventis of Woodward and Curran at Tuesday’s Council meeting.

Though the project is outside Councillor Maggio’s district, she felt it would be a good idea to bring all the residents of the affected neighborhoods together to be able to ask questions of the project manager and the DPW director about what to expect once the project begins.

Councillor Russell Sanford, in whose precinct (five) the project will be undertaken, agreed with Maggio’s proposal while Councillor Nick DelVento said that the meeting should be called a public information session and not a public hearing as first proposed.

During her tenure on the Council, Maggio has always shown a knack for getting right to the heart of the matter and understanding the feel of the community about an issue or a project. We’re sure that some residents do have questions about the project and how it’s going to affect the traffic flow and day-to-day life in the area — and what better way to answer those questions that to bring the affected parties and the project managers together for an information session.

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