Thank You, Rev. Smith – Pastor left a permanent mark on his congregation

There was certainly a lot of admiration and a genuinely good feeling in the hall Sunday at The First Church of Winthrop United Methodist on Winthrop Street as a congregation came to say goodbye to their beloved pastor, the Rev. Jeremy Smith.

Rev. Smith was appointed as pastor of First Church in 2006 after graduating from the Boson University School of Theology. Rev. Smith impressed everyone in the parish with his vitality and energy and his outstanding commitment to make Winthrop a better place for all. Rev. Smith opened the building to all groups, and representatives from those groups were on hand at his farewell celebration to express their sincere gratitude to this wonderful man who came to us from Oklahoma.

Rev. Smith touched many lives in a positive way in his three years as a resident of our town and as the First Church’s supremely eloquent spiritual leader. We were fortunate to have Rev. Smith among us for the past three years, and we wish him and his wife the best of luck and good health in his new, full-time position as a pastor at a church in Oklahoma.

Rev. Smith said that Winthrop was a beautiful town and it was a big change for an Oklahoman to live on the coast. “I enjoyed every minute of my time in Winthrop,” the 29-year-old pastor told the Sun-Transcript. “I’m going to miss the people very much.”

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