Big Papi – Slugger’s woes show how hard the game really is

David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox, affectionately known as Big Papi to his legion of fans, is struggling at the plate. During the past five years, he was arguably the greatest clutch hitter the Red Sox ever had, helping the Sox win two world championships.

 But Big Papi can’t seem to find his batting stroke this season. We admire the Red Sox for being patient with Big Papi and giving him every opportunity to emerge once again as a feared hitter in the Sox lineup.

 We hope things work out for David Ortiz, who has been a great ambassador for the game and one of the most popular players ever to wear the Red Sox uniform.

 But if, indeed, his skills have been eroded, both by age and by the inevitable wear and tear of a professional career, by just that little bit that makes all the difference between being able to get around on a Major League fastball and missing the pitch, then we hope both the Sox and their fans acknowledge that it’s been one heckuva run for David Ortiz, and that he make an exit gracefully and for the benefit of the team.

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