The Town Manager – Focus shifts to the search for a new leader

With the override election behind us, the town will refocus its attention on the town manager selection process that is in its final stages.

All three candidates, James McKenna, John Moak, and Andrew Maylor, were interviewed by the full Town Council last Wednesday night at the Senior Center. The three candidates were very impressive in their presentation and the professional manner in which they answered questions from the individual councillors.

The full Town Council will make a recommendation on the selection of candidates to Council President Thomas Reilly, who will make the ultimate call. Everyone agrees it will be a tough decision to make. The town manager selection committee of Peter Finn, Larry Powers, Paul Leavy, Marie Turner and Carol Lederman, with the help of the Collins Center at UMass-Boston, certainly provided three highly qualified individuals as finalists for the position.

Mr. Reilly is expected to make a decision in the next couple of weeks, and the new town manager will then begin the transition process, succeeding Interim Town Manager Larry Holmes in our top administrative position.

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