An Historic Vote – Resident say ‘Yes’ and they say it loudly

The voters and taxpayers of Winthrop spoke loudly and clearly Tuesday, approving eight of the 10 Proposition 2 1/2 override questions on the ballot. The town’s residents did their homework, weighed the pluses and minuses of each question, and determined what questions they felt were important to the town’s future.

The “Yes” votes on Tuesday mean that Winthrop will have a public library and Senior Center. The police and fire departments will have the funds necessary to maintain the high level of public safety that they have been able to provide the town. Winthrop voters also decided to fund the trash collection process, thus maintaining the relationship with Capitol Waste Services who, from all reports, has done a great job.

As for the schools, Superintendent Dr. Stephen Jenkins said he was proud of the way Winthrop residents voted to give the schools the resources they need to maintain the level of excellence it has reached. Our schools have made tremendous strides under Dr. Jenkins’ leadership. Our high school students gain admission to the best colleges, and Winthrop students receive an outstanding and well-rounded education from a dedicated and hardworking faculty and staff from grades K-12.

The Winthrop Cares organization effectively got its message out to the voters, running a positive campaign in which it explained both sides of the issues in a manner that was easy to understand. The organization also did a great job of getting out the vote on Election Day.

The vote was fair and open. No one can question that the process was transparent and that the voters were presented with all of the facts. Those who voted “No” obviously share a different opinion than the majority, but ultimately, that’s what a democracy is all about – an informed electorate choosing how it wishes to be governed.

The people have spoken. It now is time for our townspeople to unite and make Winthrop the great town it has always been and will continue to be.

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