Ballot set

One contested race, one unfilled seat on November ballot

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

When Winthrop voters head to the polls in November for the town’s first municipal election in two years, there will be 13 seats up for election, and 13 names on the ballot. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean there candidates for all of the open seats.
In the race for Town Council president, two candidates have turned in nomination papers and will appear on the ballot, incumbent council President Thomas Reilly and Brian Perrin, a former selectman and veteran Winthrop police lieutenant.
For nearly every other seat on the ballot there is just one candidate, except for a two-year seat on the Library Board of Trustees, which has no candidate.
It will be interesting to see how Perrin will deal with his candidacy, since the town’s charter doesn’t allow town employees to hold elective office. If he wins, Perrin may be forced to resign his position in the Winthrop Police Department in order to serve the two-year term.
Here is a list of the other candidates, the offices they are seeking and the terms of office for each. All are incumbents:
Councilor At-Large, Philip Boncore, four-year term
Precinct 2 Councilor James Letterie, four-year term
Precinct 4 Councilor Jeanne Maggio, four-year term
Precinct 6 Councilor Linda Calla, four-year term
School Committee, Patricia Milano, four-year term
School Committee Gus Martino, four-year term
School Committee Mary Lou Osborne, four-year term
Winthrop Housing Board, Frank Ferrara, four-year term
Library Trustee, James Matarazzo, four-year term
Library Trustee, John Tranfaglia, four-year term
Library Trustee, Stephen Dalton, four-year term
Library Trustee, vacant, two-year term (to fill vacant seat)

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