Town Manager declares state of emergency

Winthrop Town Manager Rick White has declared a state of emergecy in the town of Winthrop, due to the excessive and repeated high tides and flooding that have been caused by a persistent Nor’easter, which has pummeled the town and the regional coastline for the past several days.
According to a statement released by White on Wednesday morning, the town’s emergency personnel, many of whom have bene working around the clock since the storm landed in Winthrop, were sent home for rest today, but will be called back in for tonight’s predicted extreme high tide.
Many parts of the town have already flooded and Winthrop Fire Chief Joseph “Larry” Powers had said earlier in the day that an emergency shelter may be set up for displaced residents at the Point Shirley Association Hall, should the need arise.
White said that the state of emergency would remain in effect, until the storm abates and the waters recede.

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